Janelle and Rob's work exploring and educating people in sexually altered states of 
consciousness is groundbreaking in its accessibility and authentic forthrightness.  It is the most user friendly guidance on how to pour your energies of passion during acts of intimate consciousness straight into your soul and reservoir of spiritual energy.

JacoPhillip Crous


You two are a breath of fresh air.  I am so glad I found you!  

T.K. - Colorado


Thank you again for all you have given us.  You have brought something into our lives that we believe will last a lifetime! 

M.M - California


I just had a reading from this very insightful & inspiring woman regarding my relationship with money!  She effortlessly showed me the direct connection between my "wounded child archetype" and my perception of money energy as an adult today!  I cannot recommend her enough!  It would be well worth your dollars, time and energy!  

Thank you Janelle!   

Carin' Bocskay - 
Owner of Heart Wide Open - A Metaphysical/Conscious Community


I will never be able to thank Janelle enough for what she has done for me.  She "met" a power animal/spirit guide for me when she did a shamanic journey for me.  She introduced me to this guide and gave the details.  Within a couple of weeks my guide began to show up in my dreams with vivid messages.  In fact, I don't even believe they are really dreams, but visits from the spiritual world.  I have been getting these visits for over 14 months now and the changes it has brought to my life are the most amazing thing.  My life was great before, but now, well, Janelle brought such beauty into my life that I never could have imagined possible.  If you want to connect to spirit or your soul or your guides, Janelle is very connected and very powerful.  She can help you get access to the spiritual world and improve your life a hundred-fold!

Janelle - Thank you from the depths of my soul!  I honor and respect you so much!
Elizabeth Jackson


Our sex life and our business was good a couple of months ago, but now both have gone beyond our wildest dreams! We can't thank Rob + Janelle enough.

S.J. - California


I didn't know that I could get visions if I meditated.  I just thought it was a thing to do to relax.  Janelle taught me that not only is it a deep connection to my soul and to my guides, but I can get answers to my questions.  One vision sticks out in my mind - it was a very strange experience.  I talked to Janelle about it and she helped me discover how symbolic it was for me as it actually related back to something I created more than 25 years ago as a teenager.  She guided me through with some very eye-opening questions and I uncovered a powerful message. Wow!  Now, going forward I have new clarity around my work in my business.



We are blown away by all of the stuff that keeps coming to us now! After we learned about sexual energy
and directing it we are both so much more aware.  You guys are awesome! 

A.A. - Washington


Janelle has impacted me in ways I can't describe! She taught me how to be in peace with myself and how to be myself! Early in our time together she made me realize how important it is to never give up and to still have fun with what you do - just make sure you're dedicated to something and get it done. She, also taught me how to have a passion for something or someone, such as my passion is effectively communicating. I am always striving to find new ways and words to use in my vocabulary to enhance my communication skills because after all, what is life without being able to communicate effectively?

Miriah Cherry


I had to have a medical procedure done and I was deeply afraid.  Janelle and I had a long conversation and she taught me how to find and go to my sacred garden.  During the procedure I tried this and was blown away because not only was I able to go to my garden, but I saw and heard a power animal for me.  I was so calm and the test went by quickly without any complications.  I have since become aware of that power animal showing up for me in my regular life when I need help.  Janelle will be in my heart forever.  I couldn't have done it without her help!

Beth Cooper


Janelle inspired me so much and still does. I remember big events the most because through all the chaos she bucked up and did what she needed too. She handeled everyone really well and was never too busy to take a picture with me or stop and help someone.  If she saw something she didn't like, she confronted it and fixed it immediately.She never let us say we couldn't do something. She never let us give up. She was always so encouraging and took what we did seriously. She believed in us when we didn't believe in ourselves. She was a really down-to-earth mentor and I adored her as a teacher and a role model :)

Janelle Mason


Janelle taught me so many things.  When we moved here I felt lost. Coming to the studio filled a void for me.  It gave me an outlet, someplace to be me.  Although I believed I was never the best, she never made anyone feel they weren't good enough.  She gave us all praise.  She was so many things for me. A teacher, a mentor, a "big sister" and so much more. 

I felt I could go to her with anything. No judgement at all…she was just there for me.

She gave me all the "tools" to teach.  I can't thank her enough for that.  I truly believe it is what I was meant to do. I have such a  love for kids, teaching, and the excitement on a child's face when they get a new fills my heart.  I don't feel I would've had that if it weren't for Janelle.  She, also taught me a lot about matter how crappy we were, bad attitudes etc. she never "lost" it.  I have parents now that tell me all the time "I don't know how you do it" and "you have the patience of a saint". Part of that is Janelle. I truly believe in a LOT of ways she helped make me the woman I am today.  I'm very thankful to have had her in my life all of these years. She is an absolutely beautiful and strong woman on the inside and the outside.  I've only touched on a few things, but I hope in some small way this helps you "see" who she is.  

Much love - ️

Martha Miller


Janelle has been such a blessing.  I have had so many questions about meditation, energy, the astral body, visions and a lot more.  She is always there for me.  If I ask something she isn't totally certain about, she finds out answers for me.  Her knowledge and ability to help me astound me.  She really listens to me and hears what I say. The support and love and compassion she offers is freaking awesome.  She never judges me - just holds a safe container for me to be me.

Ann Huffman


Janelle definitely taught me to believe in myself and to push through hard times in my life. The things like teaching us not to look around and follow others taught me to think for myself and go with what I believed was right. When she taught us to keep going no matter what, I learned a valuable lesson about life.  I couldn't have felt all those things nor felt that I was beautiful without help and guidance.  

Love her! 

Annalysse Mason


I have had lots of conversations with people about jobs. I will never forget my first "job" working for Janelle. I had so much fun doing something I love.  With all the classes I took from her I learned the importance of hard work and how to manage my time. 

All of us, who had class with Janelle, became like a family.  Even if we didn't hang out together otherwise once we stepped into a class with Janelle we were all in it together.  As a teacher she was great at interacting with us as a friend and as a coach. Very relatable. She knew how to handle all our different personalities, too.  I wanted to do well for her because I wanted to make her proud.  She did a lot for me and my sister, and I'm so grateful for that.  All that she taught me has prepared me for my career in ways that I would never have guessed. My coworkers always ask how I can be so comfortable in front of so many people. I thank Janelle for sooo much of that!

Thanks again! 

Lindsey Briones


Janelle was always so encouraging and made me feel like I could accomplish anything.  I always think about those days spent in class with her - I grew up there.  There are times I wish I could go back!  I was so shy and Janelle gave me confidence that I had no where else in my life!

Montica Pingleton


I remember always being sooo excited to have class with Janelle.  I simply loved her.  I looked up to her in so many ways!  During the time I learned from her, she went through things good and bad and she always smiled even if she didn't want to.  That showed me to be strong no matter what life throws at you.

I remember once I had something happen that was really embarrassing and I ended up hiding in the bathroom in tears. Janelle came after me and told me not to be embarrassed - that we all fall.  The important thing is to get back up, laugh about it and try again, so we aren't scared to try new things.  I still use that advice to this day.  If I fail, I laugh and try again - so I don't give up.  And, I thank her for that!

Bri Short


Janelle has impacted my life in so many ways that I am just now starting to see, and ways I probably haven’t even figured out yet.  She taught me to be courageous in every part of my life.  She taught me all about passion and commitment. Because of her I know that I have to be committed to the things I love to do. There have been times when I wanted nothing more than to give up and say I just can’t. However, Janelle was behind me every step of the way and showed me that no matter what I decided to do commitment would prove to be the best path. 

In college, we are asked to reflect a lot on who were some of our biggest inspirations and best “teachers”. I often think of Janelle - she knew exactly how to inspire me to do what I needed to do. 


Caitlin Russell 


Janelle taught me that "can't" is not a word that should be uttered when you are struggling with something. She taught and showed me it takes hard work and guts to get out on that stage and perform in front of people, even when you are in pain. When I sprained my ankle the first time and she had to take my place into the competition group, she made me feel like I was still part of the group. When there were concerns about me walking again and all I could think about was being able to dance and cheer again, she showed me that through struggles and adversity comes joy and fulfillment. She made me determined to get back in my tap shoes and reminded me what a joy it was to dance. She never let me give up on not only myself, but my love for dance. Going to dance class was therapeutic for both my soul and my heart. She made me laugh till I wanted to cry, she listened to my concerns and issues, and she showed me it takes a true passion to express oneself. I shall never forget my years in her studio, the adventure to Miami, nor the last recital. I thank her for all she did to make me a determined, and sometimes stubborn, woman. It has stuck with me through the years.

Love her!
Amanda Callahan