Monday, July 20, 2015

Marriage Equality - Right or Wrong?

There has been so much discussion around marriage equality since the Supreme Court's recent decision.  And, of course, with such a powerful subject there has been and continues to be radical views from both sides.  Then there are those who just want everyone to be equal and love each other as fellow human beings.   When talking about the issues gay and lesbian individuals and same sex couples face we seem to automatically label them as "gay".  We (Rob and Janelle) have a hard time with that.  We find it to be degrading on the one hand.  Yet, if we ignore that they are considered different or abnormal by so many, then we ignore the unique challenges they encounter. 
The fact of the matter is that same sex couples - married or not - face very similar relationship issues to heterosexual couples.  A couple's sex life is only one aspect of their partnership after all.  Yet, obviously, couples who are viewed as abnormal or "sinful" (by Christian standards) have very different challenges to get through.  Therefore, they end up with extra obstacles in their relationship than the so called "normal" or "traditional" couple. Listen to our show today as we talk about this important topic!  

Keeping it sacred + sexy, Rob + Janelle

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