Friday, January 10, 2014

An App For The Couples Out There

We just found this Android App that is free to help you build the best relationship possible.

We love when an app can help build a more meaningful and powerful relationship!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Watch For A Message From The Heart

We got to witness a sample of this publication coming out for the Amazon Kindle.  You will have to check it out!  Should be us soon we will post the link when it comes out.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Experience a New You This Year!

Year after year, we set resolutions or at least we think, "Hey! It's a new year!  I am going to do things differently than before."  But, typically those resolutions or commitments only last a few weeks - then most everybody reverts back to their old ways.  Do you know what is in your way?

Probably not - not the deep stuff.  If you knew what was stopping you, you would find it much easier to make the change…to grow and expand…the way you so deeply desire.  

We came across this free downloadable ebook.  It shares 12 easy steps to ensure New Year's Resolution success with less effort - whatever your goal.  

Check it out!  And make this year different!  

You will learn:
*How to decide upon and prioritize your goals
*How to turbo charge your motivation
*Why the normal resolution setting process will never work
*How to make consistent daily progress
*And, more….

It is FREE after all - so why not take the next step and find out what is in your way?  In fact, you can do this with your sweetie and find out what is getting in the way of reaching not only your individual goals, but your goals as a couple!

Photo credit: © iQoncept - & This Is Your Year
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