Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Was The First Ever Post From The Couples Spot (March 2009)

Hello and welcome to the Couples' spot.

This is our little piece of the web where couples can come to get information on keeping their relationship strong and vibrant. At The Couples Spot we will focus on a variety of topics that might improve your relationship. The topics will range from things to do for the average couple to ways to spice up your sex life. Each post will focus on a specific topic and will also allow you to comment on the topic. We encourage email with questions, suggestions, or just even a word of encourgement for us or our viewers. 

Tell us your story. We would love to hear from couples that have been together a long period of time to see what their secrets are. We understand each and every couple is different and that what might work for one might be totally ridiculous to another, so if you read something that doesn't thrill you just pass it by and be ready for the next post.

With a strong relationship you can make every aspect of your life better. So check out The Couples Spot regularly and tell us how it benefits you. 

We just thought we would look back and see what our thoughts were when we started this blog and the amazing thing is we are still right there with our mission.  

Thank you everyone for being loyal fans.  

Peace and Love,
Rob and Janelle

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