Friday, March 21, 2014

Your Sacred Inner Money Story - What's Yours?

What if you could reveal your 
Sacred Inner Money Story?

Isn't it time you stopped struggling over money with your sweetie?

You deserve to make empowered decisions when it comes to your financial life.

Whether you are well off or whether you don't feel you have enough money, you are born with particular lessons to seek out +  explore.  One of those overarching lessons is based on money.  

Ultimately, it impacts nearly every area of your life.
Maybe you are a Nurturer or a Ruler or a Romantic or even a Maverick!

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What if I told you that Spirituality + Money Go Together?! 

The term spirituality is often not "allowed" to be spoken in relation to a few other terms such as "money" or "sex".  Well, guess what?  When you become aware that your spirituality and your money are actually related to one another you will discover a powerful peace that may blow you away.  In fact, your money is also related to your sexual energy - no surprise there as they are both connected to your sacral chakra, but that is for another post another day.

Just think - no more freaking out over money, no more wondering where in the heck it went or how you are supposed to bring more to you.  When you discover your sacred money archetypes you will be empowered with new confidence, a relaxed sense of peace, and a beautiful sense of freedom.

Wait - what is an archetype?  An archetype is a representation or a symbolic model that is embedded in  your unconscious.  For example, think of the word mother.  Typically, the things that come to mind of what a mother should/would be is loving, nurturing, compassionate, supportive, strong, etc.  Does that fit all mothers?  No.  But, hopefully, you get the idea. 

Knowing your sacred money archetype will help you
*ditch old money habits that do not benefit you
*release shame around money
*move past constantly worrying about money 

You will be able to beautifully step into
*being in alignment with your money
*unlocking your money blocks
*harmonizing your spirituality with your financial life

I know what it is like to feel sick to your stomach when sitting down to pay bills.  I know what it is like to never feel like you have enough money.  I know what it is like to not be able to buy your kids new clothes.  Yes!  I know!  I have been there.

But, I also know what it is like to have great success and to take two or three amazing vacations a year.  I know what it is like to have the big 5 bedroom home and be able to go out and buy that new guitar for your teenage son who lives for music.

You see - I have had both experiences.  My husband + I have had great successes and we have had dismal financial failure.  But, doing sacred money work is deeply transformational!  How you relate to your money is a reflection of how you relate to pretty much everything else in your life.  Seriously - I am not kidding!

Therefore, discovering what your sacred money archetype is can have a beautiful and profound affect on all areas of your life - as a parent, as a romantic partner, as a friend, as a community member, as a business owner/employee/co-worker, and as a spiritual being moving through this human experience. 

With love for you,

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