Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Need Time To Meditate? Take A Potty Break

Check out this book called Toilet Yoga and maybe you can add this in too.  

Okay, we all know that meditation is good for us.  Many of us however complain that we don't have time to sit in silence long enough to meditate.  You complain about the kids interrupting or your spouse asking you questions, etc.   This got me thinking the other day.  The one place that most people can have a few minutes to themselves is usually in the bathroom.  So, why not start meditating in the bathroom?  You could do it while you are taking care of business or you could fake having to go to the bathroom so you can find that time to meditate.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Don't flush this away until you try it.  The powers that be do not judge where you meditate.  


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