Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keep Business Out of Your Bedroom? NO!

ARGH!  I just came across an article about partners in life and in business.  It offers pros and cons of being a couple and having a business together.  Sadly, some of their tips are WAY off!  Mind you there are some good tips such as discovering one another's strengths and implementing those in certain aspects of your business, create your own schedule so that you can spend romantic time together, and divide your responsibilities in a way that works for the two you.

However, the tips that they tell you to follow such as leave intimacy at home and keeping business outside the bedroom are so far off base we cannot even began to tell you in this brief article.  

Couples who work with us quickly come to learn the humongous benefits to maintaining their intimacy at work.  Now, this doesn't mean have sex in your office or grope one another in front of customer, clients or employees.  Geesh - have some couth.  (*Of course, depending on where your office(s) is you may be able to enjoy a sexy + playful time there - it just depends and you should use discretion.)  This is about using your emotional + mental intimacy to fluidly work together, trust each other, respect each other, know when to let your partner lead and when you should take the lead.  Working intimately means creating a sacred and safe environment to work in your business as well as in your romantic relationship.

Are you wondering about the "keeping the business out of the bedroom" tip we are telling you is wrong?  Well, when you learn sacred lovemaking and then learn how to take that to the higher level of transcendent lovemaking you can use it to honor your business, create innovative ideas, magically attract more money (clients + customers + unique surprising ways) into your company and a lot more.  One example of an off-the-wall attraction of money happened in 2009 for us (We have had these types of unique ways happen more times than we can recall - but we will share this fun example that popped up from our memory.).  We had set an intention, performed a ceremony and practiced transcendent lovemaking.  A few days later a woman showed up at our bowling center (Yes - we owned one for a number of years!) and gave Rob $1250 that she had one a few weeks prior while at casino.  She felt compelled to donate it to us and our center.  This was 2009 - remember?  So, the economy was on a huge downswing and after having many lucrative years in business, we were facing dire financial straits at the center.  This wonderful woman did NOT know of our financial troubles - no one did at that time.  Anyhow, this was the exact amount we needed to pay a specific bill that week!  ;)  Had we left our "business out of our bedroom" we wouldn't have had the money to pay that bill.  

We have seen this happen time and time again for us + for the couples we have taught to implement our methods.  So, seeing people suggest couples should try and completely separate their business from their love lives is...well, I just wanted to yell - "No! No, no no NO!"   

Keeping it Sacred + Sexy,
Janelle + Rob

If you want to learn how to beautifully blend your love life and your business life together with your partner, you should to talk to us.  If so, let's meet over a virtual cup of coffee (or tea) to see if the unique spiritual tools we teach are a good fit for you.  We only offer 6-8 of these complimentary coffee chats each month - so drop an email to with "Coffee Chat" in the subject line to apply for one, and we will get back with you in 24-48 hours. 

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