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Cool Tattoo - Could the Dolphin Be Your Sexual Power Animal Archetype™?

Wait, wait, wait!  You are here because you want to know if the dolphin could be your Sexual Power Animal Archetype™.  And, maybe you just thought this tattoo design is freaking cool - I certainly do :)  

But, do you know what an archetype is?  If you do, it still won't hurt to read my explanation.  And, if you don't know, then here you go - a little something new for you today.  

I am going to share a sneak peek into a bit of our upcoming book, Inspiring Couples in Business + in Love.  

Archetypes are your soul's code + your inner personalities.  

You may have heard of Carl Jung.  He was a Swiss psychiatrist and he coined the term archetype.  This word comes from the Greek words of archein and typos. Archein meaning something old or ancient and it represents the original, creative source.  For some, that may be God, Goddess, the Universe, the Divine, etc.  For our purposes here we will more often than not refer to it as Source or Creative Source. Typos is the expression or manifestation of the Creative Source as it is the model of behavioral patterns.

Mother is considered to be a model for nurturing and compassionate behavior.  Father represents authority, a firm hand and power. Hopefully, this is giving you a little better idea of what an archetype is.  We will share a couple more with you just in case.  The romantic typically enjoys elegance, lavishness, love and is passionate.  The joker is a trickster and regularly deceives others, makes jokes, is frivolous and likes to live life now.

Each archetype has tendencies to behave in certain ways.  They are the energy patterns of one's personality.  Yet, often times these inner truths, these inner personalities are hidden so deep within that you may not be aware of them.  In fact, depending on your personal environment, work environment, family upbringing, cultural beliefs, and societal beliefs you may resist one or more of these unconscious aspects of your self.  This unconscious self is your authentic self or your core essence.  

Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. 2014©

Now, I realize this may not seem fair because we are not going to tell you whether or not the dolphin could be your sexual power animal archetype™ today.  But, guess what?  When we release the Sexual Power Animal Archetypes™ you could be one of the first to know!  Drop your name + email in the box! 

Keeping it Sacred + Sexy,
Janelle (+ Rob)

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