Saturday, March 15, 2014

Are You Documenting Your Love

What is your love story?  Have you documented how you met and how you fell in love?  You might not think this is important or it is something you might never forget.  However, documenting this major experience in your life is vital.  Not to be morbid, but at some point in time one of you might pass away - leaving the other alone in the physical form.  For them to be able to read in your words how the two of you fell in love would be amazing to have for them to enjoy.  Not to mention when you both are gone from this physical world your children and grandchildren would love to have these messages to enjoy and rejoice over.  If writing isn't your thing, then take some video of you both expressing how you fell in love.  Again, these might seem trivial now, but later in life they will become valuable beyond compare.


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