Friday, March 28, 2014

3 Tips on How to Make More Money Today!

Does money grown on trees?  
     Well, what if it did?  Would you plant some in your back yard?  Would you nurture them, pay attention to them with the intention of creating a bountiful harvest?  You might immediately say, "Hell, yes I would!"  But, then you might back track and end up believing that your tree wouldn't grow or that you wouldn't know what to do with it or that someone would steal from it or that you simply don't have a "green thumb".  
     Okay - great!  At least you would be admitting to your beliefs even though they might be negative.  But, there are options.  You could make sure you add proper plant food (or tree food LOL).  You could secure your back yard and get a guard dog.  You could study how to best grow your tree, take a workshop, get a "tree growing mentor".  You could also take measures to change your beliefs around not being good enough to do it.  

Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes® (personalities).
     Why?  Because when you do you will reveal your inner truth around.  You will discover what your real relationship with money is and is not.  And, you will be tapping into those other "options" just like we suggested when thinking of money growing on trees.  
     There are 8 Sacred Money Archetypes: Nurturer, Romantic, Maverick, Ruler, Accumulator, Celebrity, Connector, + Alchemist.  They include everything from your inner caregiver to your inner big shot.  When you discover what yours are you can uncover the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future!  Woo Hoo! 

Here are 3 Tips To Get You Started Today!
  1. Clear Money Clutter:  One tip for clearing up some of your money clutter is to take a look at who might owe you money.  Is there a refund you are expecting?  Do you have clients or customers who owe you? If you work for someone else, is there a bonus or commission you haven't received for some reason yet?  Did you lend a few bucks to your kids or friends?  Do you have a rebate coupon lying on your desk you need to fill out and send in?  Have you been expecting a tax refund - what is holding it up?  Is there something you can do to speed it up?  Do you have money "lost" or left behind in an old savings account, paypal account, etc.?  Did someone barter with you for your services or work and you haven't taken them up on it yet?  Take a few minutes and brainstorm this.  Then collect the money (time, service, etc.) that is rightfully yours.
  2. Create a Money Tracking Sheet:  Track every single penny you bring into your household each and every day.  This is really simply just print out a calendar each month and write in the total amount you brought in that day.  We have a really cool looking one that we share in our Sacred Money Archetypes® Kick-Start VIP Day.  You keep track on this sheet only of money coming in.  This includes EVERYTHING - your income, your partner's, your tax refund, any + all of the money you collected from the first tip above, finding a penny under the table in a restaurant, birthday money, and more.  The reason you do this is because when you pay attention to something that particular thing will begin to grow and want more positive attention.  
  3.  Discover Your Money Speedometer:  We all have what are called "set points".  A perfect example is your body temperature.  Take a moment to think about what happens when you get overheated.  You start ditching clothes, turn on a fan or the air conditioning, get a cool drink and your body, if necessary, will begin to perspire to help cool you and return the body's temperature to around 98.6 degrees F.  If you are too cold, you add clothes, turn up the heat, get up and move around, drink something warm and your body, if needed, begins to shiver and increase the blood flow to your vital organs with less blood going to your extremities.  
  • Your Money Speedometer is your financial set point.  This is the point that you consistently stay at and seem to be the most comfortable - yes, even if that "comfortable" financial place seems like you never have enough money.  It is because you have - most likely unintentionally - trained yourself to stay at that financial level.  So, when you start making more money (you get too hot) and you start to get rid of clothes (or financial opportunities) and you start sweating it.  If you fall short with money (you get too cold), you add more clothes (find more clients, take a second job, sell your stuff), and you begin to tremble (with cold and with fear).  
  • Look at the past 12 months and write down how much you made each month.  Pick out the five highest months.  Add them up.  Divide them by 5.  This average is your financial set point or your Money Speedometer. 
  • But, you don't have to stay there!  You can learn how to raise your financial set point so that your Money Speedometer is ready for a new Speed Limit/Speed Minimum sign!
Bonus Tip: Discover Your Money Story...

Start with these above tips AND listen to "The Money Story" we are sharing with you!  All you have to do is put your name and email in the box below and click "Hear It For Yourself"!  

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