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Natural Childbirth There are Different Approaches

Different Approaches to Natural Childbirth

The definition of natural childbirth is simply delivering your child without the use of drugs and/or surgical procedures. You can have a natural childbirth at the hospital or at home, and there are a number of different approaches to natural childbirth that are available to people who choose this method. Of course, you should be aware of the risks that come with any method of birthing, and have access to a trained physician if you choose this method, in case anything goes wrong. A lot of women choose the natural childbirth method and are very happy to endure the pain without painkillers, choosing alternative methods to deal with the birthing process.
Most of the methods can be described as combining relaxation techniques, breathing, mindfulness, and easing pain naturally. While each approach differs slightly, they all aim to ease the pain that comes with a drug-free birth. Some of the approaches that seem to be present in most techniques are:
Most methods will have a relaxation component that may include massage or finding different positions that ease the pain on back muscles or the belly muscles to ease the pain that develops there. Alternatives to laying on your back for delivery could include standing or squatting with support, allowing gravity to help with the birth, or giving birth in a bathtub or shower to alleviate the discomfort with the buoyancy of water.
Breathing can also help alleviate the stress and pain with childbirth, by focusing the mind and having the woman concentrate on the breathing rather than the pain. This can help with focusing her energy on contractions, effectively "breathing through" them and not holding her breath or hyperventilating, both of which are not good for her stress levels.
There are many ways to focus the mind to take away the pain that is associated with childbirth. Some women will try hypnosis to focus their minds away from the pain, and onto the joys of having a baby. Others will find a talisman or a special amulet to hold on to when they are in contractions, to focus on and concentrate their energy into, in order to take their minds away from the pain. By concentrating on an object, they are able to be mindful of the moment, and minimize focusing on the pain.
With the many techniques available to women for natural childbirth, focusing on those approaches that work for you will ensure a smoother delivery.

The Book,
Is an excellent starting point for those considering a more natural child birth.  

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