Friday, February 28, 2014

Looking for Couples to Interview

We have a new project in the works.  We are writing a book for entrepreneurial couples, Inspiring Couples in Business + in Love.  This book will give readers insight into how to succeed as entrepreneurs while maintaining a loving, healthy + sexy relationship.  We will share how learning and implementing transcendent lovemaking + couples' dreamwork + awareness of your archetypes (including your sacred inner money personality) will help you succeed in business and your relationship with little to no more fighting over money or your sex life.

But, really it is so much more than just the simple idea of no more fighting over these things.  In fact, couples, who are entrepreneurs, especially those who own a business together, understand that there are often great challenges by being in love and running a business.

Can a couple really switch gears and be just a romantic couple without constantly talking business?  You bet, but just as the romantic relationship takes work so does the business relationship.  When you try and blend the two together the challenges are multiplied.  But, guess what?  So, are the joys and successes if you have the tools in place.

We have been in business together for 10+ years, as well as owning individual businesses, and we know the ups and the downs, the joys and the sorrows, the high fives and the arguments, and we have learned, developed, and created amazing unique spiritual tools to thrive as a couple + as business partners.

We don't want other entrepreneurial couples to simply survive the journey.  We want them to thrive!
We want YOU to thrive!

At this point, we are still open to including other couples in the book.  We have interviews already occurring, but if you are or if you know of an entrepreneurial couple, who might be willing to be interviewed and included in the book, drop an email to

Here's to thriving,
Janelle + Rob

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