Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Special Gift For Your Sweetheart

Gemstones - Unique Gifts for Lover

Gemstones can be the most unique gifts for your lover. Your gift for your lover does not have to be expensive but it has to be precious and treasurable! Your gift should be able to tell your loved one that you really love them and care for them.
If you want to surprise your special one with an exquisite gift on their birthday, anniversary or on valentine's day, and you are absolutely confused as to what would be the most unique gift for your lover, you can be assured that a dazzling precious or semi-precious gemstone gift will bring a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eyes. If your loved one is fond of decorating their home, why not gift them some exceptional gemstone show items or a gemstone wind chime. If you are looking specifically for a birthday gift for your loved one, birthstones or zodiac gems are a great option.
If you are thinking of buying your special woman a beautiful gift, gemstone lucky charms or trinkets could be a great choice, considering the wide range of selection available and affordability.
There are also special gemstones that attract love. Love stones like the rose quartz, moonstone and ruby gemstone have magnetic properties that magically draw your loved one towards you. Love gemstones are symbolic of unconditional love, forgiveness, trust and bring harmony in relationships. You may gift your sweetheart a beautiful rose quartz heart pendant or a rose quartz telephone accessory. A rose quartz helps nurture deep love and affection in one's relationships. The red ruby gemstone has a unique charm of its own and brings passion and romance in your love life.
A mystic red ruby is a symbol of true love. Gifting your loved one traditional red ruby jewelry will bind the two of you together in love and commitment for years to come. An elite ruby ring or a lovely bracelet is sure to charm your lady. If you're planning to propose to the woman you love, a lovely ruby ring will speak your heart for you.
If you've been thinking of what best gift you can gift your man for his birthday or you want to gift him something just like that, a gemstone globe or a gemstone keychain or a quartz paper weight would be a great idea.
In case, you are missing your ex and want to get back once again, choose a lovely jade gemstone or lapis lazuli to rekindle lost love.
If you think you are falling short of time to shop for an exclusive gift, simply log on to the internet and look up some good sites where you can buy gemstones online.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Oh, My Aching Feet…I Wanna Foot Massage

You are on your feet all day.  Those boots weren't made for walking ;) or maybe it was those dress shoes.  Ugh.  You walk in the door and so wish that there was someone just waiting there with a foot bath and ready to massage your feet!  

Well, if you can't have that, you can have the next best thing.  I remember a few years back when we borrowed an electric foot massager for a "spa day" that some of us created for our kids' school teachers.  I must admit I really enjoyed having it.  It was freaking awesome!  I am thinking maybe it is time to check out some new ones :)

Oh, here is an awesome idea.  Would you love to create a special evening for your sweetheart - one he/she will never forget?  How about getting a foot massager…there are so many different kinds (check out to compare)…you could then light some candles, run a hot bath, offer a full body massage (after the initial foot massage), have food delivered, play some soft music or a favorite movie and make your lover feel super special. Do you wish your partner would do this for you?  Well, maybe you should share this post on your FB wall or his/hers?  :)  **Hint hint.

Off to relax,
Janelle and Rob

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Should You Take Sex Dreams Literally?

We talked with Deb Dutilh, Relationship and Communication Maven, about your sexy dreams. Should you take them literally? What if you dream of an ex? How can you remember your dreams to figure them out?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do You Miss Talking - Really Talking To Your Sweetie?

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Texting Can Hurt Your Relationship

"In these modern times, it has become easier and easier to tune in to the television, your computer, your phone, or your iPad.  This means you are tuning out from your sweetheart and your intimate relationship.  It may not seem so at first, but eventually being turned on by your lover will wane and become secondary to today's media and digital gadgets and other priorities."

- Janelle and Rob Alex 
via Loving and Lasting: How to Stay Tuned In and Turned On In Your Marriage

*You can fix this though...
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Couples' Spot Digital "Magazine" on ITunes

Have you seen the October issue of The Couples' Spot: Relationship Advice for Couples.
It is FREE! Pick it up for your iPad from iTunes.

This publication is for those couples that want to have a healthy, happy and thriving relationship.  We cover a broad range of topics from exercise to sexual happiness, from financial help to spirituality, and everything in between.  

There is no road map to a wonderful relationship.  It takes constant work, changes and adjustments to keep your relationship well oiled and running smoothly.  This publication is designed to give you ideas and suggestions on things to help you keep your relationship growing.  Continual growth in your relationship is vital if you want it to last a long time.  

Within your relationship we encourage you to get busy, get spiritual, and laugh your ass off!  When you can do all three of these, combined with the love you have for each other, you will have a formula for a successful relationship.  You might not agree with everything we say and we don't expect you to.  However, take what works or feels right for you, implement it and leave the rest behind.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lover to Lover - A Wedding Poem

Lover to Lover
I do not know why or how or from where I love you
My heart and my soul merge with yours

Our consciousness expands and shares
Abundant love with Mother Earth and the Universe
As we bare our souls and spread our wings

We come together and create this union, this oneness
We stand strong as equal parts
Yet, it is not understood where one ends and the other begins

My arms promise you a safe and sacred space
I open my heart to you trusting and loving

I take your hand and you take mine
I touch your soul and you touch mine

Together we traverse the journey called life

And, so it is.

Copyright 2013 Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
*Written for a wedding ceremony
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