Saturday, September 28, 2013

Create Your Own Cell Phone Sexiness

What might you type to create a sexy or erotic texting experience with your sweetie?  Well, you could create a sexy story together.  Each creating the next line or idea.

Here is an example from the Sexy Challenge: Cell Phone Erotica

TEXT #1 - "It was a hot day in Texas, so hot that even the pool Suzy was sitting by felt like bath water."

TEXT #2 - "Suzy pulled an ice cube from her drink and slowly worked it around her chest to feel its cool wet touch."

Let's jump to TEXT #5 - "Suzy saw John watching and became even more adventurous with the ice." 

You can create some serious anticipation if the two of you work together.  Pick up this Sexy Challenge to help get your started!   (Or via iTunes.)

Friday, September 27, 2013

How Far Would You Go For Your Partner?

**Pulled from the archives...

How Far Would You Go For Your Partner?

Expert Author Janelle Alex, Ph.D.
In February 2011, I was in California at a weeklong seminar. I was to be gone a total of nine days. Rob, my partner and husband, was at home 2300 miles away. Before I left he seemed to be coming down with a nasty cold or some type of flu. Because of my location and my busy schedule it was difficult to call; I usually just texted back and forth with him. When I did speak to him I noticed that this cold/flu "thing" was really taking a toll. On top of that a record-breaking ice storm had hit. My next to last day in California I called home again to talk to him.
My sweet love - a man who never gets sick - was so ill and coughing this strange, high-pitched cough that he could barely talk to me. He and the kids had lost electricity due to the storm so they were staying at my parents'. I hung up from Rob and called my mother's cell. "Mom, does Rob need to go to the hospital?" She informed me that she had tried to get him to go the previous night! She told me that he was so sick he couldn't put his sweatshirt on by himself - she had to help him! I told her to have my father take him to the emergency room immediately. I called Rob's cell again and told him in more than a few choice words that he was going to the hospital right then - no ifs, ands, or buts (maybe I was harsh - but I felt helpless and deeply afraid). Remember, there was an ice storm - inches of ice on the car and extremely treacherous driving conditions. It took over an hour to reach the hospital that is only 10 minutes from my parents' home. My next step was to find a way to get home! Up in the mountains I was an hour's drive from the airport and a seven-hour flight from home - no nonstop flights from my location.
The events that transpired at the airports were challenging to say the least, but I encountered some of the most wonderful people to help me. I was able to make my plane connection with just an hour to spare before they shut down the Houston, TX airport due to snow!! And, I was able to land in Indianapolis on schedule with only two runways open! A close friend picked me up and drove me to the hospital.
The end result was a blood clot in my husband's jugular vein and a developing abscess near his right collarbone. He had to have surgery to drain the abscess and heavy-duty antibiotics. He spent a week in the hospital!! Then, he spent the next month with a picc line in his arm so that he could take powerful antibiotics intravenously at home and six months on blood thinners. The specialists were never able to decide what brought this about. No one knows if the blood clot developed first or the infection - the chicken or the egg?
The point is that we sometimes deal with things in our lives that we never expected. Some of these can pack quite a punch. I am pondering this experience today because I have been thinking about a movie I just watched yesterday. We might not expect great struggle and death defying feats regularly, but others know no different.
In 2005, March of the Penguins was shared with the world. This is a very powerful film. What amazes me the most is not only what these Emperor penguins go through to find a mate and produce offspring, but the loving tenderness they seem to share with one another. These amazing beings of nature travel over 70 miles of ice and snow to return to where they were born. They search through the thousands of penguins until they find a fitting mate. The pair off in cuddled up pairs prior to mating. Once they are blessed with an egg, they must delicately trade it from the mother's feet to the father's feet. In a matter of moments the freezing temperatures, which are on average -72°F, will steal away the life within the egg if they are not successful. The female penguin must return the 70 plus miles to the sea to regain her weight and bring back food for the new little penguin.
As the males protect their precious eggs and wait out the winter for the females' return they huddle together in an effort to stay warm. They take turns being in the center. This grouping of penguins reminds me of the blended spirit Rob and I, as Relationship Guides, talk so often about. These compassionate and loving father's become winter warriors as they blend their energies and spirits to form a mass of continually moving penguin bodies that almost becomes its own being. They go nearly four months without food from when they first started their journey. They are extraordinarily cold and near starving, but they continue to protect and provide for their babies.
Upon the females' return the precarious exchange of baby penguin from one parent's feet to the other parent's feet takes place again - just in reverse this time. Now, the males must make the huge journey to return to the sea and eat before they surrender to death due to lack of food. The mother penguins remain with their babies protecting them and feeding them. It will be a couple more months before the females leave the baby penguins alone and return as well. Eventually, the little penguins are big enough to make their own journey to the sea and the cycle continues.
Throughout this dangerous journey every year some, both adults and babies, succumb to the cold or the lack of food. Sadly, some of the babies don't live long enough to even meet their mothers. To live life, to continue existence they must risk it all time and time again.
I ask you - would you travel over 70 miles in devastatingly cold temperatures to find a mate and create new life? Would you be willing to entrust this tenuous new life with your partner? Okay, this scenario might be extreme. I mean, after all, you aren't a penguin - right?
Instead, I ask you to consider:
• How far you would go for your partner?
• Even more importantly, do you consider the little things you do for each other?
• Do you appreciate him/her?
• Are you grateful for the little things let alone the big things?
• Would you drop everything and be there if your partner really needed you to?
Maybe you won't have to worry about a major event, a frightening event or miles and miles of snow and ice, but think about how important it is to be there for your partner everyday. Sometimes we just need to stop and listen - really listen to what he/she is saying. We don't necessarily need to do anything other than just being present, perhaps giving a hug or offering a shoulder.
Loving another and blending your spirit with another is a beautiful experience. And, it can help you weather any storm.
Janelle Alex Ph.D., Spiritual Teacher, Director at Sacred Garden Spiritual Center and Co-Founder of Sexy Challenges.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Help Your Partner Deal With An Unwanted Move

How to Help Your Partner Deal With an Unwanted Move

Sometimes, one person in a marriage gets an opportunity in another city, state or even country that can cause strife in the partnership. Perhaps the other person will be expected to move with the spouse and away from friends and family. This kind of scenario can be hard on the relationship and can sometimes even lead to the destruction of it. However, if you and your spouse are committed to making the move, even if one person is not looking forward to it, you can get through the change and be stronger in the end.
The most important thing to realize is that you should never make the decision to move without your partner's knowing. You can't just hire the movers and expect your spouse to be on board with it when the moving truck pulls into the driveway to move your things. It is critical for you to begin the discussion of moving as soon as you realize the opportunity is there. All decisions related to the move, if in fact, the decision to move is made, should be made together. From the movers you pick to the actual moving day.
You might need to get outside help to assist you and your spouse through the difficult moving process. For example, if you have a great job waiting for you in your new location, but your spouse is going to be jobless when you move, it is wise to contact a career counselor before the move is made to find out what your partner can do to make the transition easier. If your spouse can get a job in the new location as well, it might make him or her feel better about the change.
If you decide that only one of you needs a job in the new location, you might want to help your spouse get involved in local organizations, clubs or educational opportunities to help him or her integrate into the new community as quickly as possible. Almost all cities have local colleges or recreation centers that offer classes and other organized activities, which can help your spouse feel more at home more quickly.
Finally, if your spouse is completely unhappy with the move and you really feel like the change could tear your relationship apart, it might not be the opportunity you thought it was. Sometimes, the move you don't make could be the right decision after all.
John is a shrewd consumer who writes about personal finance, finding deals, and local consumer home services like: movers Dallas and local movers Chicago.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to Do When Your Lover Is A Lot Bigger Than You

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Get the Video Camera Out...It Is Past Time!

One from the archives!

Photo from Creative Commons.
          You know the one thing that seems to be missing from most relationships is video of the two of your together.  Usually one or the other of you is filming and the other one is in the video.  I think you should make it a point to set up the camera at least 4 or 5 times a year and film the two of you together.  You don't have to make a full length production of it - just film the two of you doing something together so that you have it to look back upon and remember how much your love has grown.  Plus it is fun to see at later dates how in love you were back then because it might just start a spark today.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Partner Pushes Our Buttons

"We can perceive the power inherent in things as they are - the radiance of fire, the solidity of earth, the expansiveness of joy, the tenderness of sorrow -- only when we drop our struggles with ourselves and our experience....[Yet,] each of us has some button that our partner pushes."

Sunday, September 22, 2013

10 Romantic Date Ideas to Warm Up Your Relationship

10 Romantic Date Ideas To Warm Up Your Relationship

10 Romantic Date Ideas
From first dates to 50th wedding anniversaries, everyone wants to be swept off their feet and taken on a romantic date that will be remembered forever. Dates can be hard to plan, especially when factors like limited time and tight budgets are considered, but great dates don't have to take months to be perfected or thousands of dollars to execute. Spending some thoughtful time with someone you are attracted to or in love with can be the most romantic thing in the world no matter what you are doing, and these romantic dates will open up opportunities to talk so that you can discover what you want in your partner.
Here are 10 romantic date ideas that are guaranteed to get you that good night kiss. Use these ideas for dating free of worry.
Picnic Outdoors
There are so many romantic dating sites outdoors, and this romantic date can be as elaborate as you want it to be. Hire a waiter to serve the two of you at a pre-scouted spot that you've prepared with a table, chairs, flowers and full dinner service. Have chilled champagne available and chocolate covered strawberries to eat for dessert while watching the sun set. Or simply grab take out from a favorite restaurant and eat on a blanket, snuggled close together with a couple beers. This date is great for everyone because it is completely customizable to every personality and view of romance.
Visit a museum
Museums are filled with history and beauty that can be very emotion provoking. Plus, the general quiet atmosphere of a museum will force the two of you to speak closely and in hushed tones which is very intimate and can get those physical sparks flying.
Plan a scavenger hunt
Scavenger hunts are full of fun and surprise, and they can be made specific to the two of you if you already have a history together. Write clues pertaining to inside jokes or previous dates and have a fun present waiting at the end or make the hunt lead to a romantic dinner location.
Campfire on the beach or under the stars
Snuggle up together under a blanket and roast marshmallows while watching for shooting stars on this romantic date. This time together will facilitate talking so that you can discover what you should know about the person you are dating. Your physical chemistry will also benefit as you sit close together in the dark. It's intimate and inexpensive; plus, what's more romantic than a night under the stars?
Watch the sunrise
This romantic date idea is perfect for the early risers. Pick a beautiful local spot that has a great view of the rising sun like a bridge or an overlook on a mountain, and bring pastries or bagels and freshly brewed coffee or creamy hot chocolate. This morning date opens up possibilities for being able to spend the rest of the day together.
Go to a drive-in
Drive-in movies are classically romantic. They are perfect for first dates or 100th dates because they give you something to do if you don't want to talk, but they also allow you the freedom of speaking to each other without bothering the people next to you.
Get dressed up and have drinks in a fancy hotel lobby
Many high end hotels have great restaurants and bars that are elegantly decorated or have a fun theme. Getting dressed up to have drinks in one of these lobby bars feels special and romantic because it's something that people rarely do.
Shop for ingredients and make dinner together
Go to the grocery store or a local farmer's market armed with a list or simply a sense of adventure and pick out ingredients for a romantic dinner. Then make dinner together before sharing a night in with low lights and burning candles. Cooking together is extremely romantic and it will most likely cause a few laughs.
Go whale watching
This romantic date takes a little prep work and scheduling, but being on the ocean together and catching a glimpse of these elegant sea creatures will make a memory that won't soon be forgotten.
Take a dance class
Every style of dance is being offered as a class now that you and your date can take together. Spice things up with Salsa or Tango lessons, or keep it classy with traditional ballroom techniques. Either way, it's an excuse to do something new and fun that will bring you physically and emotionally closer together.
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