Saturday, September 21, 2013

Do You Have Erotic Intelligence?

We recently interviewed Amara Charles, Sex & Intimacy Expert.
We talked about Quodoushka, sacred sexuality and her new program,
The Art of Erotic Intelligence.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fan Favorites of Sexy Challenges

Have you picked up any new Sexy Challenges?  Here are some fan favorites! 
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dating Someone With Kids: Good, Bad, or Ugly

Recent Sexy Challenge Heartbeats podcast episodes...
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tickle Your Toes

We go through our daily lives far too often stuck in a concrete, paved lifestyle.  We often get so busy that we miss out on the chance to simply feel the soft earth massaging the bottoms of our feet and the grass tickling us between our toes.  Grab your lover...head outside (wherever you need to) and take off your shoes for a little stroll upon our Mother Earth.  You, your sweet and Earth deserve the attention!

Get busy. Get spiritual. Laugh your ass off!
Janelle & Rob

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Monday, September 16, 2013

What Do Your Sex Dreams Really Mean?

What Do Your Sex Dreams Really Mean?

At some point, we've all had a sexual dream. Whether your dream was exotic and wild, strange and unsettling or gentle and romantic, there's a reason why you had this particular dream at this particular time.
"Sexual dreams reveal your desires and anxieties," says Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of Erotic Dreams. "Your subconscious uses these raw, lustful situations to sort out emotions you may not be confronting in waking life." Sure, maybe you already know dreams serve as a portal to your psyche, but you might not realize how obscure their implications can be.
Often sexual dreams are just a medium to understand one's inner self, desire or even passion, which is absent from the conscious level of the mind due to external factors such as suppression. In our society the skewed outlook on matters of sex makes it a taboo topic for discussion.
Sexual dreams may be a means to compensate for what is lacking in real life. To take an example, there was a saint who had renounced everything, followed austerity and shunned women. He started having recurring erotic dreams and was confused at his response. A closer look by a counsellor revealed that this was his way of balancing his inner and outer self. The dreams in question were his way to fulfil his sexual needs and yet manage to follow celibacy in real life. Applying morality to dreams would be, of course, unfair.
These types of dreams can also provide the dreamer with a neutral space where she can go beyond her inhibitions and overcome her fears regarding sex or certain behaviours. Certain behavioural change that a person is skeptical about adopting in waking life will sometimes manifest in dreams, and in most cases is a precursor to, or sign for, changes to follow.
Sexual dreams are rarely literal. Though you might hope that last night's dream of you and Drew Barrymore was a precognitive dream, a view of future events, it probably isn't. Sex dreams, and most dreams for that matter, are metaphors, or perhaps similes, and highly symbolic. They give you a picture, an image, of what a situation is like or can be compared to. If, in your dream, you are feeling pressured to have sex, take a look at your waking life and see where you are feeling pressured or by whom.
You need to remember that dreams should be understood in their context. If a person dreams of having sex in a car, it might imply that he wants to own the car-sex becomes a symbol for ownership. If a dreamer dreams of making love to a stranger in an unfamiliar place, this may be suggesting that she is looking for something new to be introduced into her relationship, or that she is estranged from her own sexuality.
The way the dream made you feel and its correlation with some incident in your recent past will aid in understanding it and its message.
Sex dreams are as common and natural as the physical sexual act. Such dreams shouldn't disturb us, but rather they should be seen as a call for introspection and a deeper look at what's being re-presented. Dreams always come in service of our greater good, at a time when the subject of the dream needs to be addressed. Dreams are our very own, private therapists. And they don't cost us a dime.
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