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10 Rules to Follow For a Happy Relationship

Top Ten Rules For A Happy Relationship - Follow These To Happiness

We all want that fairy tale story when we enter a new relationship. In the beginning it's all laughs and giggles. We wake up every morning anticipating another day to see he or she's face, or hear their voice. No one gets into a relationship and thinks "A year from now it will change?" The fact of the matter is it does change; it's up to you to save it. It's not all rain drops and gum drops. Most relationships fail because people are so quick to give up on each other over the littlest things when they're not as happy as much as they were in the beginning. Relationships aren't easy and I'm not going to pretend that are! When it boils down to it we all want happiness.
There are a lot of things you can do to save your relationship and keep it on the fast track so let's begin. I'm going to tell you 10 things to keep a happy relationship, some of these tips maybe obvious, but if you were using them to your advantage you wouldn't be reading this article right? So here we go 10 rules to having a happy relationship:
1. Patience - Learn to always be positive in your relationship and practice patience. By patience I mean learn to comprise with your partner even when you feel that you have none left. Be patient
2. Communication - One major problem in relationships is communication. Communication is one of the key things to keep a relationship strong and going. Always express how you feel good or bad. Tell your partner and then discuss the issue and resolve it. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from each other by communicating.
3. Trust - Let me just say this without trust a relationship will fail. If you are in a relationship you must have this. Don't assume anything, always communicate like I stated in step 2. Insecurity and jealousy is not safe in a relationship. Being a mother or a father to your partner won't work. If you have any doubts ask, but don't assume. Trust your partner, if your partner values your trust then you shouldn't be worried about anything trust me.
4. Friends - Be friends with your partner. Learn about the stuff he or she likes and take a liking to it. So even if you're not really interested act like it. Be their buddy first, a relationship is not a job, let loose and have fun together you'd be surprised.
5. Spontaneous - Do random, unexpected things together. Surprise your partner with a night out or with random gifts or text or calls. Being spontaneous shows that you want to add excitement to your relationship and that he or she is worth trying new things with and for.
6. Space - No one likes someone who is always in their space. Give your partner space; you don't always have to be together every day. Give yourself enough space to miss each other. Go out with friends from time to time. You don't always have to be with your partner 24/7 it gets boring and that's how arguments occur. Learn to miss each other.
7. Don't Criticize - Never past judgment on your partner. You are their biggest supporter; learn to be there for them even if you disagree. Agree to disagree for them.
8. Public Display of Affection - Showing that you love your partner in public means a lot to them. Grabbing his or her hand, putting your arm around them or even kissing them shows them that you really love them and don't care who sees and knows
9. Sex - You thought I wasn't going to mention this? Yes, sex plays a major part in a relationship. So don't be boring! Learn what your partner likes and doesn't like and do it. Role play, dirty talk, even watching porn together it's erotic. To me the more spontaneous it is the better. Sex and relationships go hand in hand.
10. Privacy- Learn to keep your relationship problems to yourself. Never let outsiders no your business and put things in your head. People always have an opinion good or bad. Only you know what you and your partner have so no outsider can tell you otherwise. Don't put your problems on social networks many relationships fail due to social networks. Keep your private life off the internet.
Relationships aren't perfect but love is a beautiful thing so share it.
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Sex Is a Paradox

"Sex is a paradox. It needs the difference between [the masculine energy and the feminine energy], yet it reminds [the couple] that they are not different at all.  In this way pleasure is the world's great equalizer." - Deepak Chopra

Friday, September 13, 2013

Feng Shui For Love - How to Feng Shui Your Love Life & Bring Romance Back

Feng Shui For Love - How to Feng Shui Your Love Life and Bring Romance Back

Try these simple and practical Feng Shui tips to improve your love life and relationships in general. Feng Shui must-haves for those looking for love.
If you have been unlucky in love so far, move the furniture in your bedroom around. This will change and refresh the flow of energy in your room. You should move your bed to a different location at least once a year so that your love life does not get stale.
Do not position your bed so that when you sleep you are facing the bathroom. If you sleep facing the washroom, you are likely to be involved in messy love triangles. Even if you are in a relationship, facing the bathroom might make you prone to arguments or tension with your partner. Plus you might be prone to urological problems such as bladder infections. If you cannot move the bed, you can block the flow of energy with a screen or lat the very least, keep your bathroom door shut at all times and hang a plant in each upper corner by the bathroom door.
Put two objects of a similar size on the bedside table. This represents you and your (future) loved one. This could be almost anything such as a pair of candles or a set of vases or ornaments. Feel free to have more than one representation of a pair such as picture of two birds on your wall.
Place a crystal close to your bedroom window. This will bring the colors of the rainbow into your room.
Keep bathroom and closet doors closed.
Open your windows once a day to let out the old energy and allow the new energy to come in.
For all-round good feng shui, a water plant is an absolute must-have. Bamboos, rubber plants and all varieties of palms are good choices. Look after the plant well so it is healthy and vibrant. Put the plant next to your front door. Don't put any thorny plants near your front door.
Remove any items from past relationships such as photographs, momentos, gifts and clothes. Basically keep anything that reminds you of a past, failed relationship out of sight. Buy new sheets, pillows and duvets for a fresh start. Keep your house uncluttered. If your house is too full of stuff, how can anyone enter it?
Use this feng shui love tips to bring new, positive energy to your home.
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Why You Need to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

*Apply some of these principles to your romantic relationship.

Why You Need to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Expert Author Marquita A Herald
I am currently making some changes in my life. If you don't hear from me again, you're one of them. ~Author Unknown
Do you find yourself keeping good news from a friend because they always manage to make you feel unworthy of whatever good fortune comes your way? Worse yet, they actually make you feel guilty for your achievements by repeatedly harping on about how "lucky" you are, while life has been so unfair to them.
Maybe you've begun to realize how drained you feel after spending time with a friend, but continue to put up with the negativity for no other reason than you've been friends for so long...
Toxic relationships can lead to stress, depression, anxiety and even medical problems.
Did you know that negative relationships can be just as toxic to your health as fast food or a toxic environment? In a long term study that followed more than 10,000 subjects for an average of 12.2 years, researchers discovered that subjects in negative relationships were at a greater risk for developing heart problems, including a fatal cardiac event, than their counterparts whose close relationships were not negative.
Of course few relationships are harmonious 24/7, so how do you really know you're in a toxic relationship? The term toxic relationship refers to interactions with others that are consistently negative and draining. The nature of these relationships is defined by patterns, not by one-time or occasional lapses in the give and take that is the essence of a healthy friendship.
The first step in confronting toxic relationships is to identify them. See if any of these examples sound familiar to you.
  • They often criticize or make fun of those people closest to you.
  • They complain about everything, are never at fault for anything, and repeatedly dump their problems on you.
  • You're made to feel guilty for anything and everything you have that they don't, even if their bad situation is of their own making.
  • You can never trust them to keep a secret, and if they do spill one, and you confront them, they'll claim they had no idea it was such a "big deal."
  • You find yourself rationalizing keeping the friendship for no other reason than longevity.
  • They constantly remind you of all of the 'favors' they've done for you. You're now convinced that the only reason you got a 'favor' in the first place was so that it could be held over your head.
  • They find fault with everything you say, and you're often made to feel dumb for expressing a viewpoint that differs from theirs.
  • They discourage you from trying new things, learning new skills or growing in any way.
  • Just spending time with this person leaves you feeling drained.
  • They constantly cut you off, put you down, reprimand you, or make fun of your ideas in front of others. They may even try to convince you that their criticism is for you own good.
Okay, so I don't know about you - but just going through that list made me squirm. Why would you want people like this in your life?!
Well, the truth is sometimes we're related to these people, in fact it could be good old mom and dad, along with Brother Bob, Sister Sue, and Uncle Elmo, not to mention a few close, personal friends. I am not suggesting that you to disown every negative or pessimistic person in your life; I am just asking you to be aware of the toxic effect they have on you, and to learn to protect yourself from the fallout.
Redefining Toxic Relationships
First of all, give some thought to whether or not you really need to end the friendship. Can you downgrade the relationship so you see each other less often or dilute it by seeing each other within the context of a group? Can you simply take a break (time off) to give each other a breather?
Here are a few more suggestions:
  • Keep your expectations realistic. Never make your self-worth dependent on them or confide your deepest feelings to someone who won't cherish them. Though it's better not to have to contend with this tedious ego stroking at all, if the relationship is unavoidable the best way to communicate with them is to focus on how something will benefit them.

  • Set firm limits. There are times when each of us has taken a turn feeling like a "victim" of life's cruel jokes, but again here we're talking about chronic behavior. Trying to get someone in perpetual victim mode to see the good things in life is a no win game and will exhaust you. If you can't remove them from your life all together, then do whatever you have to do to minimize time with them and remain positive.

  • If you have a chronic criticizer in your life and they launch into a rant, first address any misplaced criticism directly without becoming defensive. If it continues then simply leave the room if you can. The negative person is simply seeking to get a reaction from you.

  • If the relationship isn't very close to start with, you may decide the best thing to do will be to merely drift apart. Make yourself less accessible.

  • If you've reached the point where you feel there is nothing really to be gained by continuing the relationship, simply find the courage to cut them loose.
Get rid of the guilt.
In many cases, these are people whose needs can never be satisfied. No matter what you give, what you do, how much, or how often, will never be enough. So don't ever feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. It doesn't matter how long you've known them, or what their relationship is to you - you don't have to make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small. It's one thing if a person owns up to their behavior and makes an effort to change. But if someone disregards your feelings, ignores your boundaries, and continues to treat you in a harmful way, they do not deserve to be a part of your life.

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Seriously, Not Tonight Honey...Wait, Will It Help Me Sleep?

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Oh, That Is a Hot One!

This summer we planted a small red chile pepper plant.  We finally have a few red and ready to pick.  We will see just how hot these little treasures are.  The point is that we have enjoyed watching this precious little plant form blooms and their beautiful blooms have turned into little tiny peppers, then bigger, then RED ones.

It has been a small, but enjoyable thing to share with each other this summer.  And, now we will soon try them out and see if they are super hot and make one of us do a funny little dance looking for a glass of milk to sooth our burning mouth.