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Date Night Advice and Suggestions

Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Expert Author Mary T James
Being in love isn't supposed to be hard work, but that doesn't mean that a marriage doesn't require some effort in order to make sure it works. A big part of this is ensuring that you keep that "spark" alive, and one of the most common ways of doing this is to make sure you put aside time every week/month for a date night.
The question is, what do you do on a date with someone you're married to?
The answer is: make the other person feel special, and there are lots of ways to do this. Here are some of favourite ideas for making a date with your partner go well.
1) Book a night at the theatre, not the cinema. It doesn't have to be something high brow - there are plenty of fun contemporary comedies or musicals that you would both enjoy.
2) Find a sport you can play together, such as badminton, or joining a running club.
3) Rent a DVD, and hole up under a blanket together.
4) Stay in, but both of you make an effort. So the man must shave, find a shirt, wear shoes and turn off the TV, and the woman puts on some new lingerie and dresses up. Then cook yourselves a romantic "restaurant" dinner at home. Yes, with candles. Make the effort, is the key with this one.
5) Agree on a small sum of money, and each of you must turn up with a gift for the other one. The small sum will make you both think hard about what is most suitable for your partner. The idea is to show that you really "know" them.
6) Flowers, just because. So that means bringing her flowers for no reason, other than it being a Friday, or bringing him flowers, because nobody ever buys men flowers.
7) Every so often, get the grandparents to take the kids, book into a hotel (even if you live nearby) and enjoy yourselves. Someone else can cook, clean and wash up for one night.
8) Haven't got a whole night? Find a local spa that you can both go to, so you can sit in a whirlpool together and maybe get a bit pampered.
The most important thing with a married date night, is to make the effort. Do put on some nice lingerie. Do spruce up and put on perfume. The same is true for men - get a new pair of boxer shorts. Get that hair cut.
Make yourself look nice for each other, because you'll feel better looking in the mirror and the act of preparation will get in the mood for your romantic evening together.
One last hint - get any conversations about work, the house, the kids, etc out of the way before you both start to get ready, so that your evening can really be about romance, and not about whether the phone bill has been paid.
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Don't Mess Around With That One

Sometimes we seriously should listen to our friends.
Of course, other times they don't know what they hell they are talking about.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Date Night Under $30.00

This video tells you some great ideas by Emma Merkas on how to make your date nights a little less stressful.  There are some great ideas on this video so take what you will and make your own date night using some of these suggestions.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Will Fast Food Slow Down Your Sex Life?

This has been a super popular Sexy Challenge Heartbeats podcast episode.  Therefore, we wanted to share it with you here too!
We live in a culture, here in the US, in which the average person is said to eat fast food 4-5 times per week!  Holy cow!  So, how is the affecting our sex lives?  Does it have an impact?  We responded to this question today.  
Most likely you eat fast food - so you should listen in now!
You are what you eat,
Janelle and Rob - Co-Founders of Sexy Challenges
Get busy. Get spiritual. Laugh your ass off!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ever Want To Take Sexy Pictures Of Each Other? Well Do You Have The Right Camera?

Many people have a fantasy or enjoy taking racy or naked pictures of each other.  This can be quite a turn on for the both of you.  It can fall into the fantasy role play version of intimacy as one of you is the famous photographer and the other is the more than willing subject.  In the new digital age of photograph this is even easier as you don't have to send your pictures out to get developed.  Since this is such a great and fun thing to share with you lover, you should have the best tools to get the job done. Below are my top 5 cameras for use in this manner.

Click on the each Camera below to get the lowdown on each one.  

The first camera is the Nikon D3200.  It is the highest priced camera of my picks but is will worth the money if you have it to spend.  Lots of features that you would expect from the price.

My second choice and a little less pricy is the Cannon Digital Rebel T3 almost as many features as the Nikon D3200 but with a little less resolution but still a great buy.

Okay this might be the one for you if you want more action.  The Nikon Coolpix AW1100 is not only a great camera but it is also WATERPROOF.  So if you want to get those steamy shower pictures this is the camera for you.

This little Nikon Coolpix S6200 is easy to carry around and easy on the budget, while still delivering wonderful photos.

Our last entry are for those of you on a limit budget.  This camera is the most economical of the bunch but still packs the punch to make your hot photos even hotter.

Happy Shooting.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Skype Me, Darlin' (Ways We Communicate w/Lover 6 of 8)

Facetime, Skype....Use your webcam and see each other
No matter how far apart you are....

Part 6 of 8

   Webcam – Nowadays if we are going to be apart for a few days or even a few months, we can use webcam to see each other.  Many years ago when our partners would go off to war we had to hand write letters and then wait weeks, maybe even months, before we would hear back from them.  Now, not only can we talk on our cell phones at times, use email or perhaps texting, we can use webcam to actually see them.  We take this for granted now, but we should remember just how amazing technology really is in helping us communicate with our loves.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spiritual Awakening - How to Unlock Your Full Brain Capcity

**Note: I can't say that I agree with everything in this article.  But, the point is to give you a different perspective and something to ponder as well as chat about with your sweetie.  Could lead to some very deep conversation. - JA

Spiritual Awakening - How to Unlock Your Full Brain Capacity

Expert Author Tomas Coimin
'Always remember nothing is as it seems because life can be very inspiring when we shed our limitations... thus we live... '
There are three sides to you a) human being, b) spirit enjoying the experience of being human. However, because of nonsense we have separated from spirit but now we shall reconnect and c) Divine Light heart centre which is your link with spirit and universal intelligence i.e. LOVE...
Frankly there is no such thing as spiritual awakening because in essence you are awakening the human side to the realisation that spirit is always present. You are not spiritual, ever, you are spirit the rest is semantics. You are spirit anyway so there is nothing to be but yourself.
As for full brain capacity well, that is part and parcel of being awake with spirit, thus your primary and sole concern is to realise your full potential through spirit. Do not get bogged down in hyper-nonsense but accept the endless possibilities that shall unfold as you grow with spirit. You shall find out too that what you as a human think of as full brain capacity is something else entirely.
However, it is imperative to possess optimal psychological health, as we have been taught by Maslow if we are to enjoy and experience awakening. In Maslow's view, self-actualized people can have many peak experiences throughout a day while others have those experiences less frequently.
If you epitomise Maslow's findings then you are rather comfortable differentiating truth from bullology plus you are quite creative and spontaneous. Besides you shall not be too influenced by societies conventions thus you shall be free to discover and become an awakened enlightened spirit.
a) Meditate and never stop listening even while you work because you are going to develop meditation in motion.
b) To awaken ones spirit connectedness with all the added benefits requires total annihilation of experiences and teachings learned previously. One must shed all attachments to every living thing and then some. What in fact you are actually doing is stepping aside but with the knowing of relevance, thus your perspective is aligned with spirit not the human side of you.
c) One must be as blank as a page and as clear as a sparkling pane of glass in order to appreciate alternative outlooks that shed light on our endless possibilities. Then with new eyes, eyes of the awakened senses, one begins to know what previously was unseen.
d) To assist your journey read as many illuminating books by notable authors like Wallace B Wattles, James Allen, Alan Watts, Adyashanti, and St. Germain, Shakespeare etc. Of course study scriptures with an absolutely open mind guided through discernment and creativity. Remember all scriptures are written symbolically not literally; thus be wise with discernment.
e) One remarkable work is found in Sacred Texts written by Manly P. Hall titled 'THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES'. This is one of the most illuminating books imaginable and worthy of studying if you truly desire a broader comprehension of the machinations carried on through the centuries and the reasons we are currently brainwashed by irresponsible religions, politicians and industry.
f) A surprising book I just found through the voice of a two thousand year old YEW titled 'The Story of Yew' by Guido Mina di Sospiro is also worth reading. This book is filled with creative philosophies but gives us a compelling account of how humanity has ignored the overall picture of nature at our peril.
g) What we learn as we awaken is the absolute necessity to address our behaviours towards our planet and if our journey is not self-centred then we shall grow exponentially with the assistance of the entire picture of nature. Working with trees and other plants is highly recommended as is working and spending time with all facets of nature because essentially we are nature; undivided and united en masse.
h) To know Oneness and accept that there is no such thing as superiority / inferiority but unity is a humungous step towards awakening the full extent of spirit.
i) We are not awakening our full brain capacity per se but unlocking the doors that blocked our communion with Universal knowledge. Thus, we merge as it were with DIVINE INTELLIGENCE and appear as if our brain has woken up but in reality it has become one with Divine or Universal LOVE. LOVE is everything, Love is Universal Intelligence; thus let us know LOVE.
Namaste! May wisdom guide your steps through this wondrous illuminating experience.
Awakening is not a trip to the supermarket or a minute in a religious house - it is opening the page to your true self and the first of many that indicate the truth not perceived truth. Become the conqueror you are born to be and make the commitment to live with hugs, smiles, love and gratitude as the veil of confusion lifts. Thank you. Namaste! Tomas may be reached through e-mail: