Thursday, April 4, 2013

Relationship Advice - 9 Must Know Tips

The Law of Two Questions
There are two questions that couples must ask and answer:
1) What do I want?
2) How do I help you get what you want?
The Law of Conflict, Part 1
Much conflict is the result of failing to ask both of the above questions and/or an overemphasis on either one of the two.
The Law of Conflict, Part 2
Conflict is an inevitable part of being with someone. One problem is that most of us go into marriage so terribly unprepared to handle the conflicts that inevitably arise.
The Law of Fighting
Conflict is inevitable, but fighting is not. It's always a choice. The choice involves deciding that being right or getting your way is more important than the relationship.
The Law of Driving
Here's a law that could improve, if not save many marriages. Please don't drive when you're not driving!
The Law of Debt
Since 60 percent of divorces can be traced back to financial struggles, a large part of those struggles have to do with debt. Let's put it this way: Debt sucks the life, energy and love out of many relationships.
The Law of Skill
A large part of being in a successful relationship involves developing couple skills. So many of us just show up and think that's enough for a successful relationship.
The Law of Teamwork
Most people bring different sets of strengths and weaknesses to a relationship. These can either complement or conflict.
The Law of the Right Person
So often, people wonder if they are married to the right person.
That just might be the wrong question.
Wilbert Donald Gough said it well: 'In marriage, being the right person is as important as finding the right person.'
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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