Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Do You Do To Feel Confident?

Here is one take on how to be more confident as a woman.  There is some truth behind these tips, but no two people are the same.  For that matter - not every woman wants or "needs" to put make-up on to feel confident or sexy.  Read this article and see what you think.

How to Become a More Confident and Attractive Woman - 3 Things You Can Do

Every woman wants to be attractive, regardless of age. If you are a woman, you probably agree with me.
I am not too sure if you have heard of this phrase, 'there are no ugly women, only lazy women'. So what is the meaning of this phrase? Well, it simply means every woman can be attractive, as long as she is willing to put in the effort to doll up herself.
Of course, being attractive is not all about how you look on the outside. It is also about your internal attributes, especially how confident you are about yourself. Let's put it this way. Even a plain Jane can be very attractive if she exudes an aura of confidence.
Don't believe me? Well, you can always go out there to conduct your own experiment if you wish. Just grab any ten men on the street and ask them this question, "Do you find confident women attractive?" I am sure at least 9 out of those 10 men will say they do. The one who says 'no' is probably lying or just suffering from low self esteem.
So if you want men to fall head over heels for you, start working on your confidence today. Not sure how to get started? Well, let's go through these few tips together.
1. Put on Makeup
I know I have said that being attractive is not all about your outer appearance. But let's face it. In general, people do judge a book by its cover.
So at the very least, do try to put on some makeup to make yourself more presentable, especially in professional situation. You will also feel more confident, knowing that you now look more attractive because of the makeup.
2. Dress Up
Perhaps you have heard of this saying, a woman most precious possession is her wardrobe. Well, there is certainly an element of truth in this statement.
If you want to look more attractive, you simply cannot allow yourself to dress too shabbily. From time to time, you may want to shop for new clothing.
Nowadays, buying a dress is getting more and more convenient. You can even shop online nowadays!
3. Sign Up for a Public Speaking Class
Believe it or not, public speaking is considered the number one fear by many people. Unfortunately, public speaking is something you cannot avoid if you want to progress in your career.
Since you can't avoid it, why not embrace it. Sign up for a public speaking class. You can even consider joining a Toastmaster Club. Before you know it, your public speaking skill will improve and you will find your confidence soar.
And you know what? Men will always find an eloquent woman attractive. So what are you still waiting for? Start brushing up your public speaking skills today.
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