Friday, November 1, 2013

Oh, My Aching Feet…I Wanna Foot Massage

You are on your feet all day.  Those boots weren't made for walking ;) or maybe it was those dress shoes.  Ugh.  You walk in the door and so wish that there was someone just waiting there with a foot bath and ready to massage your feet!  

Well, if you can't have that, you can have the next best thing.  I remember a few years back when we borrowed an electric foot massager for a "spa day" that some of us created for our kids' school teachers.  I must admit I really enjoyed having it.  It was freaking awesome!  I am thinking maybe it is time to check out some new ones :)

Oh, here is an awesome idea.  Would you love to create a special evening for your sweetheart - one he/she will never forget?  How about getting a foot massager…there are so many different kinds (check out to compare)…you could then light some candles, run a hot bath, offer a full body massage (after the initial foot massage), have food delivered, play some soft music or a favorite movie and make your lover feel super special. Do you wish your partner would do this for you?  Well, maybe you should share this post on your FB wall or his/hers?  :)  **Hint hint.

Off to relax,
Janelle and Rob

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