Friday, October 4, 2013

Dr. Patti Britton on How Sex Changes Over Time in Relationships

We sat down with Dr. Patti Britton recently and super excited to share that conversation with you.  Dr. Patti is a clinical sexologist, sex coach, the co-founder of, a workshop leader, a lecturer, and host of over 40 sexuality education videos.  She has been interviewed for literally hundreds of radio and television shows and for magazines.  We were honored to chat with her.

A lot of people want to "get the spark back", but often times "they never had the spark to begin with". (Dr. Patti)

Here are just two of the questions we posed.

1. How does sex change a relationship in the beginning?
2. If you have a good sex life and work at maintaining it, will it be easier to keep it hot and sexy as you age or will biological factors just take over anyway?

There is so much we talked to Dr. Patti about.  You just need to watch it for yourself.  GREAT info!

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