Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tap Into the Divine With Orgasmic Laughter

**This is part of the introduction from Rob's dissertation.  Enjoy...

            Since the beginning of time, people have searched for answers in regards to Spirit, the Gods/Goddesses, the cosmos, the Divine Universe.  The layperson has been taught for an indefinite amount of time that the only way to get to Heaven, attain enlightenment, or gain spiritual connection is through a guru, minister, or spiritual teacher.  Some of the other options that have most commonly been taught include meditating for hours, fasting for days, going into a trancelike state through dance or repetitive movement.  All of these things offer doorways that one can walk through to enter the spiritual realm, but there are two amazing portals that are often overlooked – laughter and orgasm.
            Being connected to Spirit or the Gods/Goddesses can bring a blissful sense of utter joy.  When one experiences a beautiful and powerful orgasm a similar sense of bliss fills his/her being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Though some religions, such as Christianity, have turned sex into a sin, a temptation of the flesh, many ancient traditions have recognized that lovemaking is very sacred and is even considered magickal (this is the proper spelling in this context) in some sectors.  Yet, what few people or traditions bring into the light is the power of laughter.  Experiencing a huge, uncontrollable belly laugh also brings about the blissful state and draws one closer to the Divine.  The more one makes love and experiences orgasmic pleasure the more portals he/she will open between the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension.  Add in full-blown laughter regularly and the number of portals that can be opened multiply dramatically.
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