Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Stay Tuned In and Turned On In Your Marriage

We are excited to tell you that a new book has been released on Amazon and we are co-authors!  
Do you want a more meaningful and fulfilling marriage—one where you feel deeply connected emotionally, spiritually, and physically? Seriously, do you? 

Do you want to reignite the passion, eroticism, and romance you and your sweetheart shared when you met? 

In Loving and Lasting you’ll find the best advice from 20 of my favorite love experts. So get that fire extinguisher ready—these experts are ready to share it all—what really works to quickly get you tuned in and turned on in your marriage! 

You’ll learn how to:
• Rediscover intimacy, sexual excitement, and physical pleasure
• Fall in love again with your spouse
• Communicate better and release negativity
• Find out what really turns you on—and excites your spouse
• Recover from past infidelities
• Create an erotic, romantic relationship

Ready for a more vibrant, connected, and sexually satisfying marriage? Then start reading!

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