Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sexy Meals Work Wonders

Have you ever though about how sexy your meals can be?  Think about it and you probably associate some form of meal with intimacy.  Many people think that Italian food is a very sexy meal while others find Indian food to be exciting.  My feeling is that it is different for everyone.  In that you have to try a little trial and error to see what works for you two as a couple.  This can even change as the seasons change for example we love a good salad however in the coldest part of winter it is not as tasty as it is during the summer months.  A good and wonderful soup might work better for us during the cold months.  Another thing to consider is how heavy the meal sits with us after eating.  Lighter foods seem to allow for it to be a little easier to intimate play.  However ever couple is different and again I go back to the fact you have to work a little trial and error to see what works.  Make notes of how you partner acts after a certain type of meal.  If they seem a little more excited after a Italian Dinner you can keep that in your mind for when you are feeling a little more romantic.  

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Downsizing Your Activities

Our society tells us the more we do the more alive we are!  However, we can reach a point were we are just running from one activity to another.  We don't even get a chance to enjoy what we are doing.  At some point we all need to stop and take time to clear that calender and focus on things we truly want to participate in.  For example do you really have to volunteer at the school for every function?  Do you have to play on 2 different softball teams, or be the leader for ever one of your kids activities.  Sure these things are important but are you stretching yourself too thin?  Look at what you are doing and ask am I giving all these things 100% of myself if the answer is no, then you need to scale back.  There are more important things than being the top girl scout leader, spend more time with the family, with your partner, and with yourself.  

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recycled Love From Sexy Challenges

Okay we all want to make the planet a better place, we want to end pollution, clean up our neighborhoods and allow our planet to get healthy.  Well Sexy Challenges has found a way to achieve that in a simple and easy way.  However here is the twist, you use your intimacy to achieve or work towards this goal.  I can't tell you much more than if every couple in the world would do this we might just find our planet breathing a little easier and being stronger than it has been in a long time.  Join the fight and make our planet sexy healthy.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Conversation Walks

If you know anything from me you know that I believe in the power of great conversation.  It is foreplay in a entirely wonderful way.  One thing I love to do with my partner is to pick a topic and take a stroll in the evenings.  This allows us to get exercise and to have a wonderful conversation at the same time.  I love the way our conversation flows as we trudge through different areas.  We often find we might have to take a longer way home to get the conversation in.  I suggest that all couples start finding time to do this.  Make it a habit and not only will you be getting healthier but you will be building that wonderful think called your relationship.  

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Facebook for Couples

A growing trend on facebook is having a couples page.  You both might keep your individual pages but you also put together a page that keeps the timeline of your relationship together.  This is a great idea because facebook has gotten a bad rap as being a bad thing in a relationship.  Obviously if your relationship is having troubles then anything can have a negative affect upon it.  I think this is a wonderful way for couples to show the world what it going on in their life, having a facebook page dedicated to your entire family would also be a good idea.  So don't ditch your individual page but think about putting a page up dedicated to your relationship or family and inlist the help of all member in posting.  If you work together your Facebook page could be a real builder in your relationship.  

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Classes for Couples - Astronomy

Astronomy is a great activity for couples.  Taking a class on the subject is a great way for the two of you to spend countless nights out under the stars, gazing skyward.  There is a beauty to watching the night sky that creates a romantic atmosphere.  Learning more about it only makes it more meaningful and exciting as you find and track the movement of the universe.  Many local colleges and activity centers will offer classes for those in the community.  Taking time to learn something together is a great way to stay connected and in this case gives you something beautifully romantic to do together. 

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eating Out Make it A Treat

We have an epidemic in this country about eating out.  In our made paced life it is easier to go somewhere and pick up something to eat then cook it ourselves.  The problem is that not only is this expensive but it is also unhealthy.  The meals we get when we go out to eat usually have double the amount of calories in them then the ones we prepare at home.  Now I don't want everyone to stop going out to eat.  However, I want to get back to the place where it is special.  Set limits on the number of times you go out to eat during a month, and stick to it.  We have decided to only go out to eat once a month and while sometimes it is inconvenient to accomplish this is sure makes us plan ahead.  We now look at going out to eat as a special occasion and not just a easy way to save some time.  When we were young we didn't have much money and every Tuesday night my Grandparents would come over and take us to Burger Chef.  It was a real treat for us as we didn't get it any time besides Tuesday nights.  Then as days passed and times changed I bet we ate fast food at least once a day maybe more.  So this is a lifestyle change that is well accepted by me.  Now I am eating better and I still get that special feeling when we do get to go out and eat.