Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working Together

          I hear so many horror stories about how working together can destroy a marriage.  I saw this first hand when my parents owned their own business.  They are still together, but working beside each other day in and day out didn't make them a very happy couple.  I had my own bouts of this with my wonderful partner as we got in way over our heads in a business that was going nowhere.  Then when that business went away we got our relationship back.  You would think that we wouldn't want to ever work together again. However, quite the contrary is the case.  We have since started another business together and things are going wonderful for the two of us.  You see, working together can be a joy if you are both really working together.   Our first business put us at odds against each other and kept us apart.  This new business sparks both our interests and has made our love grow as deep as it has ever been.  As you decide to venture out and work together make a pact that you will still make time for each other and find something that will interest both of your equally.  Then working together can be a special thing instead of the horror we hear so much.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Couples of Friends

The cast from the movie Couples Retreat

One thing that is nice if you can find it is having friends that are couples also, and you get along with.  Having a good network of friends that are couples, too allows you to enjoy things differently.  When you have good friends that are couples just like yourself if allows you to go out and enjoy life as being a couple.  You can find similar things to do and their never seems to be that third wheel tagging along.  You always have equal teams to play games and it is just fun to have friends this way.  How many couples are you friends with, why not invite them over this weekend and play some games, or just spend the hours talking about the funny parts of relationships that are always present with couples.

Great Romantic Comedy - The 40 Year Old Virgin

Okay if your are looking for a great romantic comedy to rent or buy, The 40 Year Old Virgin might be just the one for you.  Steve Carell is great in this movie about a loser at love and his and his friends quest to find a woman for him.  So if you are looking for a good laugh with that romantic message this is a good choice for you.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bath Time Conversations

As you might have found out by now I enjoy great conversations with my beloved.  One of the most wonderful places for these conversations is in the bathtub.  You can be in there together or just one of you with the other sitting on the outside.  The conversations can be wonderful and accompanied by caresses and washing of each other.  Try it out and you just might find that bathtub conversations are right up your alley.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Want A Fun Erotic Story To Share

For couples that want a little fun in their erotica this book is for you.  Join a couple as they push the limits on what they would do to push their pleasure to the edge of their comfort zone.  Enjoy the funny visions that will pop into your head during this funny yet erotic story.  

Also Available on Amazon and for the Nook

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Simple Mask Can Turn Up the Heat

Adding a simple mask to what ever your wearing quickly turns up the erotic scale on the situation.  Being able to put that simple layer between you and your lover can drive them wild.  Think about this the next time you want to devour your lover.  It allows you to be a slightly different person just for a few minutes.  You become mysterious and even more sexy, even though your partner knows it is you.  Try it out and see what desires it brings to your intimate play.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

When the worst hits it is great to fall into the arms of the one you love

We all have bad days and even worse days on occasion.  These will happen and they are a way to improve yourself.  However, they still stink and don't feel well.  The most wonderful thing about having a loving partner is to fall into their arms when this happens. Having that comfort zone will be a safe haven for you and will give you extra strength to learn and grow.  Make a standing arrangement today to offer you arms for you love and let them know you are there whenever they need you.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Working On The Weekend

Not everyone gets the weekends off.  Some people have to work then, which really sucks for them because it seems the rest of the world gets the weekends off.  You can look at if differently, however.  Forget about the titles of the days and if you get Monday and Tuesday, off treat them as a Saturday and Sunday.  In a relationship, try to match up your work schedules as best you can, even to the point of asking for certain weekdays off so that they two of you can be together.  If one of you is going to have to work the weekend, then adjust your schedules and make the weekend fall when you need it to.  

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