Saturday, September 15, 2012

Undressing Each Other

What do you feel when your partner starts to undress you?  Do you feel a rush of excitement knowing that love making is going to happen.  Do shivers go up and down your back with each button they undo.  What about the sound of your zipper being undone or when you feel that first touch against your bare skin.  Do you like it when you partner undresses you from in front of you or from behind you, lights on or light off.  Do the two of you kiss while this undressing is taking place?  All these questions might start to get you a little excited right now.  If so invite your partner tonight to undress you and pay attention to the feelings that we mentioned above and see if it creates a stronger yearning in you for the intimacy you are about to share.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Adam and Eve - Naked Day

Okay it is friday night and if you don't have anything special to do tonight we have a suggestion.  Why not spend it Adam and Eve Style.  Naked with something very natural covering your.  Go out and pick up some leaves or flowers.  Bring them inside and together create your own fig leave costume.  Once finished take turns modeling them for each other and let the leaves start flying.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wishing You Were Here

Have you ever been someplace and realized that your partner would love this place.  You so want to share the experience with your partner.  However, what ever the reason it is no possible.  So, what do you do? 

Well there are several things you can do.  In this day and age you most likely could snap a picture on your phone to share with them later.  You could alway bring them to the spot on another day and hope for the same experience to share with them.  However, I think it would best if you describe it to them in your words and try to give them a mental image of the experience.  Taking the time to explain all the little details such as the smell in the air, the sounds, the way it made you feel will really touch your partner in deeper way, than just showing them a picture.  Try it next time and see the connection it brings.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If your partner left you a love note....

If your partner left you a love note, what kind of note would you like it to be.

1. A Poem - Sweet and from the Heart?

2. A Humorous attempt to get you in bed later?

3. A Personal Message describing the ways they love you?

4. A Hot and Steamy, down and dirty Message?

5. Something else?

Tell us which type of letter you would like to receive. Give us details and if you have gotten any give us the scoop on them.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do it yourself fashion shoot

Pictures are a wonderful thing I love to have amazing photos of my partner and our kids around our house.  However getting professional pictures done can be a little expensive.  So I suggest going out and doing your own fashion shoot.  Set a date and just drive around looking for wonderful places to take pictures of each other.  Enlist some friends or your kids to take pictures of the two of you together. You could also use a tripod and the delay setting on your camera to capture some great shots of the two of you.  Below is a picture we took together with it was a fun day on our fashion shoot.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Babysitter Co-ops

A common problem for couples going out on dates is finding the keeping a good babysitter.  First of all it is hard to find a good one and if they are very good they won't last very long as others will want their services. 

Why not start a babysitting Co-op?  What this would be is that you get together with a few other couples and form a community.  Obviously these are couples you know and trust.  Then you all take turns going on date nights and watching each others kids.  For example if you have 4 couples then one weekend night each month it is your turn to watch everyone's kids.  That means that 3 weekend nights during the month the other couples will be watching your children.  You feel safe and comfortable and the children will already know the other adults and feel comfortable.  I would trade one night a month to have 3 nights a month totally alone with my beloved. 

Another idea would be for all four couples to pitch in and pay for one great baby sitter to watch all the kids.  You would be able to offer a higher rate with everyone pitching in and that would attract the cream of the crop babysitters.  Then you all could go out together at some point and time.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

American Reunion

I know you are thinking how many of the American Pie shows can they make.  While this one might not be as funny as the others it carries many wonderful messages of how our lives might not end up the way we expect them.  It shows that no matter which character you relate with there are problems out there for you.  Sure there is the crude humor (that I seem to like) as in all the movies but this one is one you can snuggle up on the couch and watch together.  Don't want to ruin it for you but you might not guess who ends up with Stiffler's Mom this time.