Saturday, August 18, 2012

Food Wars

Can a couple that eats vastly differently get along?  Well it is a bit tricky at times and it makes it hard to just make one meal.  However with a little team work it can work out without a hitch.  We have this issue in our relationship.  While I tried vegetarianism for a while it never quite clicked with me, I always felt like I was missing something and believe me I really tried to make it happen.  My partner however could go without the meat always.  We found that you can make dishes that both partners would like and just put in the meat later.  Cooking things like vegetables, rice, noodles, etc and then adding the meat for the meat eaters works very well.  This way you are cooking one meal.  Another important part for this to work out is not to bash the other one for what they are eating.  While my partner doesn't eat meat like myself, she knows my feeling that plants are live creatures also, and so I feel like eating either plants or animals could be considered barbaric, however we have to eat so I choose what my body tells me I need, and she does the same.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Email Invitations Are They Okay?

Are email invitations accepted as the normal now a days.  With the ever rising cost of postage and the struggles our society has with all the paper we use, why can't invitations be sent all the time via email?  I know that their are some people out there that still do not have email but for the most part the majority do.  So why not send that next invitation to your BBQ via email, or the next birthday party instead of using all your money buying stamps and paper?  I was surprised at the number of custom made email wedding invitations you can pick up not like the one above.  Isn't it just smart to do this, they get the message quicker, they can RSVP quicker and there is no waste.  What about those people that don't have email, you might be asking.  Print off a copy and mail it to them!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Foot Foreplay?

Have you spent a long day in dress shoes or heels?  Well nothing could be better than a little foot foreplay.  The creators of Sexy Challenges have brought you a wonderful gift to not only make those feet feel better, but to get a little more excitement rolling.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dressing Sexy for Your Partner

One thing I think both partners need to think about is how they dress to be around each other.  So many people dress to the T to go to work, out with friends, or for networking events.  However, when they come home they dress down get into their sweats and plunk down on the couch.  Why do we put so much energy into looking good for those we are dealing with in business and not with the person we love?  Why are we not looking and feeling sexy or proud at home?  I don't know the answer to this but I think today is a good day to change it.  I am not saying start wearing sweats to work and dress up at home.  However I am saying put something sexy on at times.  Got out today and purchase some sexy clothes for at home.  Then start showing your partner that catching their eye is way more important than catching those at your job or business. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't Dehydrate Your Passion

Water is the life giving source.  We all know how important water is in our life.  Did you know however that during love making we can lose a lot of water?  Our bodies expel fluids as you well know during sex, well those fluids contain water from our bodies.  So it is important to know that sex can just like other forms of exercise dehydrate your body.  I suggest anytime you are going to have wild and passionate love to keep a bottle of water near by.  After all your activities are done then you can take a wonderful and refreshing drink to replenish some of what you have lost.  Who knows staying hydrated might lead to another round or two.

Monday, August 13, 2012

No Crystal Balls

Relationships are interesting.  Many times we wish we had a crystal ball to tell us how what is going to happen in our relationship next.  However, since most of us could not use a crystal ball correctly, we have to take it as it comes.  Which brings me to the point of this post, stop worrying about where your relationship is going and start living it to the fullest each day.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rain Dance Anyone?

Here in the United States this summer has been brutally dry and hot.  Leaving many of us asking for rain.  For me the rain not only is important to the life here on earth but it is also one of the more romantic things.  The sound of the rain on the roof, taking a stroll and having to cuddle up to stay under the umbrella, or just the feel the rain brings are amazing and very sensual.  The next day it rains take a walk with your partner in the rain, with our without an umbrella, enjoy the cool clean feeling you get as you walk with your beloved (now if there is lightning please don't go out, lets be smart and safe).  Then go home and open the windows and make love to each other with the sound of the rain as the background.  Now that my friends is the best rain dance of all.