Friday, July 27, 2012

When Is The Last Time You Were The Dirty Couple?

When we are a couple we are usually more worried about keeping clean.  We clean the house, we shower our bodies, and we keep our cars as clean as possible.  When is the last time the two of you got dirty together?  I am not talking about sex at this point, but when is the last time the two of you did something where you both got filthy?  Getting dirty together in this manner can be a really good exercise for you as a couple.  Look around there are many ways to do this, you can go out next time it rains and find some mud to cover each other in, or there are many muddy events that you can participate in.  Heck I even saw a tomato fight the other day where everyone was covered in red smashed tomatoes.  The point is to experience a different feeling allowing yourselves as a couple to let loose, get dirty and have fun.  You can always clean up later.  I will tell you this too I bet after you experience this fun and see your partner at their dirtiest, when you get home and get cleaned up you might just find that you are getting dirty all over again in a much more sensual way (wink wink)


photo from Creative Commons.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dr. Dick Sex Advice Podcast

Recently the creators and authors of The Couples Spot talked with Dr. Dick on his Sex Advice Podcast.   The first issue aired on 7-25-2012 and you have to listen (just click the link below) as we discuss many different topics.  From amazing sexual experiences, Sexy Challenges, Inward Oasis, and how our relationship is a spiritual path.  This show is jam packed full of great information so don't miss it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drinking In Your Relationship

Alcohol can be a major problem in relationships.  Alcohol can destroy a relationship, and most of us have seen it happen to someone we know.  This post is however is about another way alcohol can affect your relationship, and that is in the bedroom.  Many people believe that alcohol lowers inhibitions and allows you to be more open sexually.  This my friends is not the truth.  Sure a drink or two might help get you in the mood but alcohol is a depressant.  It will eventually do the exact opposite.  To much alcohol will affect your performance in a negative way.  Many people find that they become unable to perform sexually with to much alcohol.  Plus it numbs the entire feeling of the sexual events.  So is is my humble opinion that you should skip the alcohol and actually enjoy the feeling of the sexual experience as it is meant to be.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Shut Up

In a relationship some times you just need to let your partner talk.  If they have had a bad day or a bad experience maybe you just need to let them get their feelings out.  Once they get how it made them feel out in the open they will most likely feel better.  However if you keep trying to offer suggestion or your opinion then they might not be able to get it all out.  This is where your listening skills come into play. SO...

Just Shut UP!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today BE Too Sexy!

The one hit wonders Right Said Fred may not of had a very long career as musicians.  However their song, "I'm Too Sexy" has had a lasting impact.  So today I challenge you to be too sexy, what do you think about that?  Let your fun side out a little today and go a little overboard on acting sexy.  Do a seductive dance, wear something that you know will turn your partners head, or just put on this song and see what happens.

It is also a great day to find a Sexy Challenge that you love and perform it with your partner.  This goes right along with this song.  So maybe you are too sexy for your pussy, my pussy cat.  
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