Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Want For My Birthday

Okay, tomorrow is my birthday and I thought I would take the time to express what I would love to have for my birthday and you might be a little surprised at my choices.  

First of all I want things that will make me happy.  So skip all the material things such as ties, shirts, electronics (although I do like gadgets).  I want something that I can remember for a long time.  Take me to out to enjoy a baseball game or a show that I would enjoy seeing.  Spend time with me and let me enjoy your company.  Don't give me a sugar filled cake with lots of icing.  Make me some warm delicious banana nut bread.  My tastes are very simple as well are my joys in life.  

For my kids draw me a picture, sing me a song, or play me a tune those are the truly treasured things.  

For my partner, kiss and touch me often, make mad passionate love to me, and allow me to return the favors.   

Now here comes my selfish side because I want these things everyday - not just on my birthday!  I don't want my birthday to be one where we spend a lot of money.  I just want it filled with love like everyday, and maybe that banana nut bread.  


I have to ask you know what your partner wants for his/her birthday?  Have you let your partner know what you would prefer for your special day?  It is important that we know what each other really wants and needs!


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Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't Conform...Jump in Those Puddles Instead!

Where does our inner child go?  Well, think about it.  Many teachers, parents, peers, ministers, law enforcement, etc. push us into slots and label us and tell us to stop doing this, don't do that, we shouldn't be this way or that.  From the time we are small children we get labeled and pushed to conform.  Should we just go WILD and do whatever we want whenever we want?  Perhaps not, but it really should be up to you and you using your discretion wisely while considering the impact on others.

This really stands out to me because our youngest is a very outgoing little guy and loves to dance around, jump about, and run and play.  Yet, amazingly when he walks into his preschool he clams up and barely speaks to his teachers.  He did this from day one and this is his third year at preschool.  We kept thinking he would open up as time went on, but nope.  His teacher last year was upset over it and talked to me many times about it.  I finally had to make it very clear to her that as long as he is not hurting anyone physically or emotionally then I am not concerned.  I don't want my kids to shut off who they are and conform any more than necessary to survive in society. 

Now, this goes for you too.  I don't want you to conform in your relationships.  Your relationship is not your parent's relationship or your friends'.  It is yours and your partners' and no one else's!  Find what works for you together and don't worry about what anybody else thinks!   

So, let your kids jump in puddles and jump in puddles yourself.  Don't insist that others shut off who they really are.  And, allow yourself and your partner (and your kids) to shine -- be your true selves :)

Whoop, whoop, splash, splash, big rowdy yell!!!!!

Photo by Janelle Alex

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Struggling With Who Gets The Massage

Here is a great clip to show you how you can both enjoy a massage at the same time.  This way both partners share it giving and receiving the pleasure of a nice foot massage.  You can do this while watching a movie or as you listen to music.  Another great idea would be to have a great conversation while you both experience this massage.   I am a huge advocate on the importance of touch in relationships and I feel this is a great starting point for any couple that might have trouble getting touch back into their life.

- Rob-

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Soul? The Spirit? How do you light up a room?

This does have an impact on our relationships -- all of them....romantic, family, work-related, friends, etc.

A very interesting video.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great Tip to Save Money for Couples

Here is a quick and easy tip for saving money!  Eat the stuff that is perishable first!  This is as simple as it gets.  I hate to think about how much food is wasted by us because it just rots.  How many times a year do you clean out your refrigerator and throw away food you just didn't eat.  Well, with a little planning you can avoid this practice and start eating more and wasting less of the food you buy.  Start by planning out your meals and not leaving them to chance.  Because if you leave them to chance you will come home and fix the easiest thing which is usually the non-perishable goods.   

Don't go overboard buying produce at the store either.  You can always make another trip to pick up things you need.  Lastly, check your perishables often.   By doing this you will get in the mindset of knowing what their status is and you will be more likely to eat them.  You can freeze much of your produce without losing much of it's healthy power.  So, if need be, cut it up and freeze it for later.  


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Photo from Creative Commons.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Your Beliefs Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Relationship

Do you believe death is the end?  Once you die it is just lights out...kaput?  Or do you believe that you go to heaven and have a perfectly beautiful and happy eternity?  Or do you believe that you will incarnate again and live another life?

Your reaction to an upcoming death and the actual death itself is greatly affected by your beliefs of what happens afterwards.  

For some believing that there is nothing after physical death this may instill fear or just the opposite because if there is nothing afterward then you had better live it up while you can!

If you are trying to get into Heaven then, you probably believe you had better behave and "get saved".

If you believe in reincarnation, you may also believe in karma, which brings about a whole different discussion.

Personally, I don't care what you believe in.  Instead, what matters to me is that you live a fulfilling life with as much love and joy as you can.  

Love yourself, love others.  Trust yourself, trust others.  Care for yourself, care for others!

Photo by Przemyslaw Koroza

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feed The Animals

Want a great way to connect with your partner and help animals at the same time?  Why not go out today and feed some of the animals that frequent the area you live in.  The birds should be returning and the other animals should be coming out of hiding by now from their winter homes.  Why not take the time to throw some birdseed out or take your left overs and place them out to help feed a hungry animal (beware and use caution though - some of you may attract bears, cougars, etc - so it really depends on your area).  *I would also caution you to not feed unhealthy foods to wild animals either! * 

Now here is the part that can really boost your relationship.  After setting this food out sit together and watch and see how quickly these animals come to enjoy it.  Watch as the birds swoop down to carry off the food or as the animals gentle come out of hiding to snatch the prize.  This is the thank you the two of you will share, witnessing the beauty of these creatures and the knowing that you are helping them be safe and fed.  You might even get to hear a wonderful song by a bird or the romantic howl of the wolf at the moon as a return of your favor.  


Photo from Creative Commons