Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fake It Til You Make It...With Laughter

Watch this segment with funny man John Cleese as he experiences Laughter Yoga and it's benefits.  I think that this could benefit every relationship.  From your intimate relationship to those with your friends and family.  Laughter is a beautiful gift we have been given and in my opinion is one way to connect with higher powers.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Shhh...Its a Secret!

When was the last time you shared a secret with your lover?  

When we are first dating we share little things that no one else knows.  Do you still do that?  No. Why not?

It is important that our romantic relationships feel very special - more important, safer, closer and intimate than other relationships we have. 

Share something secretive and special between just the two of you.  It can be something serious or it can be something totally silly.  If it is silly, when you lean over and whisper something about it to your partner he/she may burst out laughing -- others will look at your with wonder and in awe of the closeness you share. 

Shhhh....(No wait!  Don't be quiet about where you heard about this.  Join us on Facebook and share it with your friends.  Help us spread the word and awaken other couples to the blended spirit of their relationship.)

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ask Your Partner Out For A Date

As a couples, we so often just decide together what we are going to do when we spend time together.  Why not take a step back and plan out an event and then ask your partner to enjoy it with you?  Plan out an entire date and then let that feeling come back to the first time you asked your partner out as you ask him/her again.  You might remember the nerves or the excitement of those early days and you just might bring those feelings back up in your partner also.  The best part is you most likely won't worry too much about getting turned down this time. 


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don't Regret Past Relationships

Fallen Lovers

Past relationships offered you a chance to learn something.  Even if you didn't feel that you learned anything then, you can take a look back.  If you are honest about both sides and consider why you reacted the way that you did as well as imagining why your former partner behaved the way he/she did, you have a good chance of learning something new.  In no way, does this mean that you were wrong nor am I saying that you were right ;)  It is simply a chance to reflect and see what lessons may have been right there for you.

It is absolutely true that numerous relationships are not meant to last for your entire life.  Instead, people come into our lives and we come into other people's lives to teach lessons - though we may have no inkling that this is the case.  

So, what is the lesson?  Well, that is for us to figure out.  We may not be able to figure it out when it is occurring.  It may take a few months or even a few years before we are ready to look back and have a possibility of better understanding.  The point is that we will grow and change from every relationship we are in.  It is key to be open to such growth instead of shutting down though.  These experiences offer us amazing chances to expand and further develop mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Don't regret the past.  Appreciate it and be grateful for it -- even the worst relationships.  They were learning opportunities.  You would not be the person you are had you not experienced them.  Yet, always be willing to continue the expansion of your consciousness and become more fully awake to your experiences.

With love,

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Touch

Here is an interesting thing for the two of you to do.  Go out today and find something very old and just touch it.  It could be a tree, a building or even an antique radio.  Set there with your hands on the item, close your eyes and see if you can feel the energy and experience from that item.  Understand that maybe 100 years ago someone was touching this item in the exact same way you are today.  

Imagine that this antique you are touching today in amazement was once being touched by someone as a brand new item.  Then think of all other hands in time that have touched that item and that you are one of those lucky ones to experience this item.  Now with your eyes closed and still touching this item imagine you are all the people that have touched this item and be thankful you are part of that.  

Do this together as a couple and see if you can both feel the energy at the same time.  Then explain to each other what you felt or witnessed.  You might be amazed at how similar your experiences were. 


Photo from Creative Commons and Cam Switzer

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheap Dates? Can Be a Great Idea!

Date night

In today’s economy, money is tight for many couples.  Those who are just dating as well as those who are in a committed relationship may struggle to find things to do that do not cost a lot of money.  But, even more a lot of couples that are no longer in those early dating stages may have forgotten what those days were like.  In fact, when a couple hits a point where they realize they need to schedule regular dates back into their relationship, they often recall their dating stage as expensive.   And, this stops them in their tracks. 

Well, you know what?  There are actually a number of cheap date ideas out there.  You may need a couple of hints in figuring out what those might be, but I promise you can find things to do with your love that would make for a cheap date.  And, let me remind you that spending time with your partner, experiencing something new together or even doing something you used to do, and having a great time together will bring a freshness to your relationship. 

Cheap date ideas can rejuvenate your relationship moving it from the monotonous, ho-hum state that it can fall into when you just go through the daily activities of life – the ones that we have to do to survive - to the exciting state you had when first dating.  So, bring dating back into your love life, but don’t put a stress on your budget.  Sit down together and make a list of cheap dates you can share.  Then schedule a time to actually have these dates.  Relax and have a blast.  You might just be amazed at what will transpire between you and your partner!

Photo from Creative Commons - Taken by Kevin Dooley

Be a Warrior of Love in Your Relationship

Northern Style Bustle

"Bravery involves a willingness to let our defenses and hiding places be exposed, so that we can open more fully to life.  To be a warrior in a relationship means being willing to face our pain and fear, instead of always trying to avoid them." -- John Welwood

Mmm...this is beautiful!  I so resonate with what John Welwood is saying here.  To expand on this I would say that we need to be able to be vulnerable with our partners - let our authentic selves shine through.  All the great amazing stuff about us as well as all the unpleasant parts of us should be available to our partners (mind you, this does not mean that physically or verbally abusing someone is acceptable in anyway - nor is substance abuse).  What this means is that we all come into relationships with our own personal wounds, our own personal experiences from this life and past lives.  These experiences and wounds have shaped us and until we become aware of them, feel compassion for those parts and heal them we live them over and over.  Plus, we incarnated with particular lessons to learn - sometimes we are the learner and sometimes we are the teacher. 

Ignoring why we behave in a particular way or react in a particular way is simply avoidance.  Instead, we can create a safe space in our relationship - a safe container - where we can uncover our vulnerabilities and face them head-on.  We can face the pain and the fear instead of hiding from it.  

This is when and where we ultimately become warriors in our relationships - warriors of love.

With love,

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Money Can't Solve All Your Problems

Everyone thinks that if they had all the money in the world that their problems would disappear.  

Sure money might help your life in ways, but it can also hurt it in other ways.  I recently watched the movie, Mr. Deeds, again and realized that money cannot help you in the area of love.  Money can't buy true love.  While it can help you live a comfortable life, it can't make you truly happy.  

How many people do hear about that have loads of money, but end up with all kinds of problems in their lives?  Money is great, but I think love is much better.  Watch this great movie, Mr. Deeds, and see that all the money in the world cannot make you near as happy as love can.