Saturday, March 24, 2012

Attention Couples in the Los Angeles Area!


Major TV Network is seeking straight and gay couples in a relationship who are at a critical turning point: you’re deciding whether you should stay together or break up. The project is being produced by Ellen Rakieten, the former Executive Producer of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

We will offer help so you can choose, once and for all, if you truly want to stay together and make it work or if the time has finally come to go your separate ways.

Perhaps you’ve had a crisis in your relationship (An infidelity? A struggle with addiction? A betrayal?) which you’ve tried to move past but can’t. Or maybe you’ve found that within the last few years you’ve changed in very different ways and that your personalities, goals and dreams are no longer compatible. Do you feel like you may just be staying together because it’s comfortable or easier than starting fresh? Or do you feel strongly that you’re truly meant to be together but need guidance to get past your current struggles.

It's time to get help making the critical decision about whether you really want to make the relationship work OR if it’s finally time to walk away. We want to hear from you. 

Please send us an email sharing your story to In your response, please include: names, ages, relationship length, your city, the best phone number to reach you, and two current photos. *Shooting will take place in Hollywood-- please be within comfortable driving distance.

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Sita Ram - The Divine Couple

Ram is considered to be the incarnation of Vishnu.  Vishnu was the hero of Ramayan.  
Sita is considered to have been Ram's queen.  
Hinduism teaches that God incarnates as divine couples.  
Enjoy the honoring of the Divine Couple in this video featuring Krishna Das'Samadhi Sita Ram

Friday, March 23, 2012

What Can We Do to Make Today Sexy?

Sexy isn't something you just turn on or off.  It is an attitude, a feeling, a belief.  When you feel it, that feeling can change your entire outlook on the day.  My question for you is what can you do to make today sexy for not only yourself, but your lover also.  Maybe you pick out the clothes you feel you look the best in to wear today.  You could also treat yourself to a massage or pamper yourself with a haircut or manicure.  Maybe you can listen to music you feel is sexy or bring home a hot steamy sexy movie for the two of you to watch together.  Whatever it is, I challenge you today to make today sexy.  When you feel sexy the world looks sexy and when the world looks sexy your partner is going to look even sexier to you.  

Start right now and make it a point to create as much sexiness into the day as you can.  Make tonight an extension of the sexy day you have created and let the sexiness flow between the two of you.  This little method might just become a habit for you as a couple. 

You can also do things to boost your partner all day long.  Tell him/her how hot he/she looks in the clothes he/she is wearing, leave a sexy voice message or leave a sexy surprise in the car.  If you can start building the fire in your partner to match the one you are going to build in yourself, the night just might not end until the wee hours of the morning.  

Feelin' Sexy,

Photo from Creative Commons and ISNGGRP.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Love Boat Sank - Go to Fantasy Island

Okay....I had to combat Rob's Love Boat post from yesterday.  I am not trying to sink anyone's love...just having a little fun with you today ;)

Sunken Ship

As a little kid, I remember watching The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.  So, after editing Rob's post, I decided to have a little fun today and challenge him to a little game of Battleship.  Well, the Love Boat got hit and sank ----- everyone survived, of course.  But, now they are flying to Fantasy Island.  

Mind you, you can create a "fantasy island" of your own at home.  You could role play.  You could decorate your room (or entire house if you are really gung ho) and transform it into something totally different.  Play some special music.  Pretend the two of you are meeting for the first time (or whatever you have in mind).  Have fun with it though!

And, to get you started here is the opening from Fantasy Island (geez, it seems so corny now 30+ years later).  Hey, you could even kick-off your personal fantasy island with a pretend landing, deplaning, and some fake Hawaiian leis.


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Photo from Creative Commons and video from YouTube

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Love Boat

Do you remember the show The Love Boat?  Where each week several people would board a ship and either find the love of their life or rekindle a lost love.  What a great concept for a show and, of course, everyone always ended up happy.  Maybe it is time to bring the love boat into your life again.  

Pick up a little plastic boat--you can find them very cheap at your local discount store--then invite your love to fill up the tub or sink with you.  Place your small boat in the water and then either sing or play the theme from the show (you can find it easily on the net or use the one below).  Your partner might think you have lost your marbles, but he/she will get the message that you love 'em.  Now the couple above has a more life size version of the love boat; if you have access to one, use a real boat!


Photo from Creative Commons, Video from YouTube. 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Go

Don't go anywhere,
I beg you;
The Moon
you are looking for
is inside you.
- Rumi

Photo from Creative Commons - Wonderferret

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Find Your Dream Job - It Benefits Both of You!

Are you struggling to find a new job?  Are you struggling to find a job at all?  Money is scarce for many couples in today's economy.  Either one or both partners are out of work or seeking higher paying jobs where they will be respected and appreciated.  

Most likely you realize that when money is a struggle or your job (or lack of) is not a place you enjoy being this feeds over into your relationship.  The lack you may feel with money turns into a lack you feel with your partner.  It doesn't have to be that way, but too often that is exactly what happens.  How you do money is how you do life.

I recently saw a video about how to find your dream job, and I wanted to share this with you!  It is not easy right now to find work.  If you keep doing the same thing over and over - the same thing as everybody else, you are probably going to keep getting the same results....stress, worry, and no offers.  

Imagine getting up every morning excited to go to work.  Imagine money just pouring into your bank account - yet, the work you are doing is so enjoyable you can hardly believe you get paid to do it.  Take charge of your life again - reclaim your power!   

So, how can you do this?  How can you find your dream job and transform your life and relationship?
  1. Be willing to change - be different.
  2. Watch the video clip I suggested above on how to find your dream job.
  3. Take action - no more just sitting back waiting for a magical genie to appear!
With all of our love and support,

Photo from Creative Commons


Get Away From Home

This time of year can be very difficult on people.  You have been stuck inside during the colder months (depending on where you live) and you are ready to break out.  Now is the time to keep track of the weather and be ready for those first warm days.  The first day you are able and it is warm enough take your love, your kids, your pets and get away from home.  Find a trail or a path and get outside.  You can walk, ride your bike or just even sit somewhere.  Breathe in the fresh air and refresh your lungs with what you have been missing.  

It doesn't have to be warm to be beneficial to you.  Grab your partner by the hand and get him/her out there.  This is not only good for you personally, but this is good for you relationship.  Your relationship needs to breathe in fresh air also.  Find a nice spot, sit back-to-back and feel each other breath in the clear fresh air.  This might just inspire a fresh air kiss or two.  

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Photo from Creative Commons.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spiritual Smiles

Have you had a check-up lately?  

Have you ever considered getting your teeth cleaned as spiritual?  Well, it truly is.  It is important to keep the teeth healthy.  They deserve your attention and appreciation too.  They work hard chewing your food so it is more easily digestable; thereby nurishing your body.  Remember the body is the temple and your vehicle for traversing through this world.  And, when we take care of ourselves, we are also caring for our relationship because we are healthier and better able to share amazing things with our partners.  

Today, remember to thank your teeth (and perhaps your dentist) for helping you live a full life.

~~Smiles ~~ Janelle

Photo from Creative Commons by mattlemmon