Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunsets Are Everywhere

Life isn't always easy, troubles are always lurking to spring up.  Your relationship isn't immune to these troubles.  However, one thing I would like to mention to all of you is that no matter where you are in life there is always going to be a sunset.  Take time when things are not going so well for the two of you to sit together and enjoy the sunset.  It might not help your troubles go away, but it will help ground the two of you as a couple.  Hold hands as the sun dives behind the horizon.  Even in the dark you can feel the touch of your partner's hand.  Just like when times are the darkest you should always be able to feel the support of your love.   - Rob

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Spirituality is Sexy???? What!!!

My dear children,

I am "Sister Margret" and I want to tell you a little secret.  They may kick me out of the convent if they know I am telling you this, so keep it on the down low in regards to who told you. Okay?  Thank you dears.

So, here it is.  Sex is spiritual; therefore your spirituality can be sexy!  Are you shocked?  Have you always thought sex was dirty or supposed to be kept away from your spirituality?

Well, that just isn't true.  In fact, sex in a committed loving relationship can be one of the most beautiful ways to access God or the Divine source.  When done with loving intention it can actually be a prayer itself.

When a couple blends the energy of their physical bodies as well as their spiritual bodies the results are brilliant.  I mean that literally.  The blended spirit creates an amazing light that reaches beyond the physical plane of Earth.  Yet, that same blazing light brightens up your physical bodies, your environments, and others around you as this light continues to exude from you for days to come.

Go grab your partner and honor him/her and your relationship - make wild passionate love.  You have been given a Divine blessing.


With my heart,
"Sister Margret"

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Smiles All Around

You know, you don't ever run out of smiles.  It is a proven fact that you can always muster another smile.  So why are we being selfish with them?  Quit hoarding them away and start spreading them around.  I challenge all of you out there today to use as many smiles as you can today.  Do this as a couple and go out and see how many other people the two of you can get to smile.  Go through your local store and just smile at people.  Take note of how many smile back at you.  You can even keep count if you like.  

Think about it, if you can get someone else to smile today, and they pass that smile along to someone else, and that person passes it to another it could go on and on for a very long time.  You might just brighten the entire world with your smile.  

Couples unite and spread as many smiles as you can today.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pissed Off at Your Partner? Change Your Fight.

Next time your partner really ticks you off, react differently.  Instead of yelling at him/her or giving him/her the cold shoulder, pick up one of your softest pillows and start a pillow fight.  (*Please remember your own strength and don't injure your love.)  

If you do this with love behind it, you should both end up laughing and giggling instead of just being madder at one another.  It may not resolve the problem, but it can lighten the mood!

Whoomp -- gotcha,

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spiritual and Sacred Relationships on the Net

People once had to travel to remote locations to gain spiritual advice.  Gurus that lived on mountain tops or in convents, and not many people we able to venture there.  Today you can reach out to these spiritual souls and masters from the comfort of your home.  Which is why I believe that so many more people are finding what spiritually excites them.  Even if you don't have access to a computer and the internet there are so many books in the spiritual section, you can reach towards enlightenment at your local coffee shop. You might think this takes away from the overall picture, but I feel that it might just be one of the greatest advantages of our technology.

Now couples can even reach out together and bring spirituality into their relationships.  Great places like Inward Oasis offer ways for individuals and couples to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way.  Although your spiritual path can be an individual one it can also be one that the two of you walk together.


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Need a Boost Today? In Life? In Your Relationship?

Sometimes we just feel like we could use a boost.  Maybe we are feeling down and have to drag ourselves out of bed and off to work.  We just can't get motivated.  And, far too many couples feel like they need not only a personal boost, but a relationship boost.  Things just aren't exciting anymore - they may have a date night or time together, but it has become lackluster.  In other words, "whoopty doo" :(

Here are two things you can do to add a little zest.  If you are dedicated, these really can help.

Personal boost: Get up away from the TV, computer, your desk, or other sitting around at least once every thirty minutes.  Move around, do a little jump or wiggle, stretch, go get a fresh cup of water, go to the bathroom, or even stand-up for a while to do your work or talk with someone.  The longer we sit - the more likely we are to have heart problems, get cancer or have other diseases.  So, get moving.  The blood needs to get a little boost to flow throughout your body more.  Start doing this regularly and not only will you begin feeling better, but you will most likely add years to your life.

Relationship boost: Do something physical together.  You could make love more often or you could give one another a back rub or foot rub.  Find a place to go for a walk, find a local gym and go work out together.  Hell, play a game of Twister.  Just get up from watching TV or moseying through Facebook and do a silly little dance together.  You could also meditate together, which can be quite relaxing as well as stimulating for the brain. In fact, you could even consider sexual meditation.

With love,

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Make Your Relationship a Rock Star

When you think of major rock stars, you might think of them as pampered, spoiled, adult brats.  What we have to realize is that rock stars didn't always have the best of lives?  A lot of hard work goes into becoming a star.  Many late nights working for next to nothing to perfect their crafts and many working "real" jobs to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.  On top of that so few ever reach that status of rock star.  

Relationships are very similar.  Great relationships don't just happen.  There is a lot of hard (though much of it can be fun) work that goes into them.  Just like the rock stars there is a lot of time put into perfecting and learning how to have a great relationship.  There are going to be ups and downs, but once you finally realize your formula for success, you might think you can relax.  

However, is not the case.  The biggest and brightest rock stars have to continually refine their craft to stay on top and not be a one hit wonder.  This is true in your relationship, too.  You have to keep creating new material to stay on top and keep your relationship a rock star.  


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