Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time To Cheer for Our Team

Baseball season is here as spring training opens up.  Many people wonder what baseball has to do with relationships.  Well many couples can find common ground on following their local baseball team.  Be it your child's little league or high school team or the closest professional team.  The is a special bond you can create by sitting in the warm sun and cheering on your team.  I know sports are usually an aspect that keeps couples apart, but it can be a way to form a connection with each other.  In closing all I want to say is ...take us out to the ballgame.  


**I just want to add that these fans created a Blended Spirit as
the sang together :) --Janelle
Photo: Fotolia Subscription  Video: YouTube

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Friday, March 9, 2012

What Lights You Up?

Can you answer that question without hesitation?  "What lights you up?"  What is it that grabs your instant attention, warms your heart, fills you with excitement or joy, makes you want to share it with the world, don't really understand how others can't feel it too?

You may have many things that make you feel this way, but what is the first thing that pops into your head today?  Mind you, that might be different tomorrow or a week from now.  It doesn't mean that what lights you up today won't light you up then, but it -for some reason- might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

The reason I shared this particular photo is because a ballet class (especially the sound and feel of ballet shoes moving across the floor during barre work :)) is one of the things that light me up.  If you know me yet, then you know I taught dance for 20+ years.  Therefore, this shouldn't be a surprise.  More importantly is that my partner, Rob, knows this about me.

Not only should we know the things that lift us up, fill our beings with joy, connect us instantly to an Inward Oasis, but we need to ensure that our partner knows these things about us.  They deserve to know and when they know they will be able to pull these things into your lives to brighten your day or to support you in taking a leap and making some sort of change in your life.  It might even be just purchasing an amazing framed photo like the one above and giving it to your partner as a gift.

When we know what excites us and makes us want to dance around (no pun intended), then we have a list of things we can turn to when we are having an off day or feeling down.  These things are with us on a soul level.  I don't have room here to explore the details of collaborating with your soul, but pondering the point of this post is certainly one simple way to do just that!

With love,

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do You Stand Out to Your Partner?

Do you still stand out to your partner?  Or, do you just blend in to all the other people in his/her life?

You stood out at one point or another or the two of you wouldn't be a couple.  So, if that spark has faded and now you just blend in (or at least feel like you just blend in), then make a change and stand out again.

How can you do that?
  • Think back to when you were first dating.  What drew your partner to you in the first place?  Bring some of that back.
  • Get a completely different hairstyle.  Maybe even change the color.  Then let your partner know you wanted to change things up with him/her.
  • Wear something that your partner never would have dreamed you would wear.  You can do this for all to see or you might choose to wear something very sexy that is for your partner's eyes only.
  • Get a Sexy Challenge or an Intimate Adventure: Sacred Ceremonies for Couples and share it with your partner.  
These are just a few ideas. The point is to create changes, create excitement.  Do not allow yourselves to blend into everyone else.  Be special to each other.  Honor your partner and your relationship.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Break for Couples

Spring Break is coming.  Well, what happens if you don't have children or you're not in school anymore?  Does that mean you don't get to have spring break?  Just because you don't officially get time off, does that mean you can't treat the approaching spring with a break of your own?  

Spring Break is supposed to be a celebration of coming out of the winter months and into the rebirth.  So why should that only be for those in school?  I am suggesting that you as a couple plan out your spring break activities.  You might not be able to jet off to a warm location, but you can make a point to do something fun and exciting.  Plan out a wonderful hiking trip on a weekend or get your plans set to put out flowers around your home.  

The important thing is to view it as a break from your normal activities and get yourself ready to enjoy the warm weather that is on the way.  

- Rob

Want a good laugh.....we laughed until I cried during this episode...maybe it will make you laugh too.  Laughter is contagious after all.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You're Doing That in Bed???!!!!!!

No, no, no!  Please don't get stuck in the rut of reading a book or the newspaper (or worse yet...doing work) in bed.  

There are two things that bed should be for and reading or working isn't one of them.

  1. Sleeping or resting.  Obviously, this is your place to sleep.  Sometimes, if you are feeling under the weather, you will retire to bed to get some rest and return to good health.  Your body comes to recognize the feel of your sheets and your comfy surroundings as a signal to drift off - a place to rejuvenate you.  
  2. Making love or snuggling with your partner.  Mmmm....there are a long list of places you can make love or snuggle up with your partner, but your bed is probably at the top of that list.  Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for the two of you - a physically and emotionally safe place to go to be completely open with each other.  **If you have small children or grandchildren, you may find precious moments of snuggling with your amazing little kids before getting up on the lazy weekend mornings.  And, that is wonderful and beautiful're still snuggling.
If you confuse your body and your mind by having other experiences in your bed from reading the paper to working to watching television to having arguments, your mind and body are no longer going to instantly say, "Hey...this is wondrous...time to relax and doze off." or "Mmmm...there is my love's warm body...I feel a tingle ;)"

**A little side-note: If you like reading something sexy to each other, then by all means do read that in bed together!

Make your bed and your bedroom be a place that automatically sets the mood for relaxation and special time with your beloved.  And, yes, that means sometimes the relaxation comes along a little bit later, but  the "pre-relaxation" time is WELL WORTH it ;) 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Visualize The Change You Want

Want a shift in your life?  Maybe you want a new house for the two of you, or maybe a better job?  It might even be as simple as you want more time to spend with each other.  The change starts when you start to visualize the outcome you desire.  Picture yourself in that new house or at that new job.  Close your eyes and imagine that the two of you have plenty of time to go on dates and see the world.  The energy you put on these thoughts is the first steps in creating the change.  If you can see it in your mind, then it can happen.  Yet, you just can't sit around and visualize all the time.  The next step is to take action.  Determine what step comes after visualization and start that process in motion.  Before you know it your vision of change will be a reality. 

One of the amazing benefits of being in a relationship and loving someone is that you can both focus and visualize on this change.  Putting double the energy out to reach these goals will bring it to you that much faster.   Plus, if you are both taking action towards this goal, reaching it will become a quest for the two of you as a couple. What a wonderful thing to share!  


We talked about this on our morning radio show - it is also related to yesterday's post.  Listen now.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Think You Have No Options? Think Again.

Have you ever thought there was nothing you could do?  There were no options.  Everything was just blank.  You had no choices, no creative ideas, no way out.

The majority of people have or will feel this way at some point.  The more important question is how long are they willing to allow this feeling to stay with them?  When find the key to opening and connecting to your higher self, you will be amazed at what can happen.

Okay, some of you may say I know how to connect to God (I pray and pray...nothing happens) or I know how to reach my inner guidance or I am aware of my spirituality.  Yet, you still feel like your options are bleak.  So, you have the key in your hand - now you have to take action ... locate the white door that may be blended into the white wall, insert the key into the lock, turn it, turn the knob, and open the door.  Then you may or may not need to step across the threshold.  It may be that ideas flood in the opening, but it also may be that you have go to take the risk and step through the door too.

In direct regards to relationships, if only one partner is willing to take action, it can cause a strain on the relationship.  If that action taker is willing to reach back and give a hand to his/her partner, then hopefully you can take this new journey together.

We expand a bit on this in our weekday radio show...listen below!


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