Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get a jump on your fireplace now.

For those of you lucky enough to have a fire place inside your house, now is the time to get things ready for those romantic nights spend in front of the fire as the snow flies. Do some initial checking to make sure you fire place is clean and ready to warm up the night. Hire a chimney sweep to get a professional job, they really are not that expensive and will add live and safety to your fire place. Once you know that the fire place is ready it is time to make sure the area around the fireplace is ready. Do you have comfortable chairs to relax in as the you listen to the crackle of the wood. Speaking of wood have you stocked up on it, once the first snow starts falling it makes it a little harder to get the wood and if you pay for it, it will be more expensive once the snow hits. Make sure you have plenty of tables around for sitting drinks or books or anything else you might need as the fire warms you up. Stock up on your favorite relaxing drink and make sure you have the proper tools to work with the fire. All this work might seem a bit much right now but think of it this way when your partner drops their robe to reveal a sexy little nighty the last think you want to worry about is that it is getting cold in the room. Now on the other hand if you have everything in place you are free to enjoy that little nighty, too

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