Thursday, October 25, 2012

Start a Change Jar!

As a couple it is hard sometimes to fit things into your budget. Especially those things that are not necessities of life. This is why you need to start a change jar. Simply find a jar that can hold lots of coins and start chucking all your loose change into the jar. Here is the important part, stay out of the jar. Don't get into it for change for the vending machine or for other little things that would deplete your new funds. This money is to be used for frivolous things. Things such as vacations, or date night for the two of you. The moment you give in and start extracting money your special times will go right out the door with it. Plus no one counts on the change that accumulates in your pockets so it seems like free and clear money. This way you won't be feeling guilty about taking that vacation or going to that fancy restaurant on only your change. Make sure you get a big enough jar to hold all the fund and set up a savings account to hold it if your jar gets to full. You have to be tough and refuse to dip into the jar but with a little self discipline you shouldn't have to much trouble and when you are on the beach somewhere you will be glad you didn't get into it.

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