Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sexy Meals Work Wonders

Have you ever though about how sexy your meals can be?  Think about it and you probably associate some form of meal with intimacy.  Many people think that Italian food is a very sexy meal while others find Indian food to be exciting.  My feeling is that it is different for everyone.  In that you have to try a little trial and error to see what works for you two as a couple.  This can even change as the seasons change for example we love a good salad however in the coldest part of winter it is not as tasty as it is during the summer months.  A good and wonderful soup might work better for us during the cold months.  Another thing to consider is how heavy the meal sits with us after eating.  Lighter foods seem to allow for it to be a little easier to intimate play.  However ever couple is different and again I go back to the fact you have to work a little trial and error to see what works.  Make notes of how you partner acts after a certain type of meal.  If they seem a little more excited after a Italian Dinner you can keep that in your mind for when you are feeling a little more romantic.  

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