Saturday, October 13, 2012

If your in the Denver / Boulder, CO Area then...

Awaken to the Magical Power of Sacred Intimacy -- FREE event!

  • 3705 W 112th Ave, WestminsterCO (edit map)
    • Is your sex life ho-hum or mediocre?  Maybe it is great, but you would like to take it to the next level.
    • Do you feel disconnected from your partner/spouse?
    • Do you want more in your intimate life?
    • Are you ready to find that something that is missing?
    • Are you ready to experience spiritual growth individually and as a couple?
    • Are you ready to think spiritually and sensually outside the box?
    Yes!  Then you are in the right place.
    We will be sharing 3 key points on how to awaken to the magical power of sacred intimacy in your relationship.
    These key points focus on:
    • Intention
    • Attention
    • Sexual Tension (Sexual Energy)
    We will share a couple of exercises with you during this meetup that are appropriate to do in a group - when you are in the privacy of your home you will be able to adjust them to be more intimate with your partner/spouse/lover.
    **All attendees will receive a packet, which includes a Sexy Challenge: Sacred & Sensual Experience for Lovers, an Intimate Adventure: Sacred Ceremony for Couples, an Energy Circle Exercise and more.

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