Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working Together

          I hear so many horror stories about how working together can destroy a marriage.  I saw this first hand when my parents owned their own business.  They are still together, but working beside each other day in and day out didn't make them a very happy couple.  I had my own bouts of this with my wonderful partner as we got in way over our heads in a business that was going nowhere.  Then when that business went away we got our relationship back.  You would think that we wouldn't want to ever work together again. However, quite the contrary is the case.  We have since started another business together and things are going wonderful for the two of us.  You see, working together can be a joy if you are both really working together.   Our first business put us at odds against each other and kept us apart.  This new business sparks both our interests and has made our love grow as deep as it has ever been.  As you decide to venture out and work together make a pact that you will still make time for each other and find something that will interest both of your equally.  Then working together can be a special thing instead of the horror we hear so much.

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