Friday, September 21, 2012

First Day Of Autumn - Time To Take A Drive or Stroll

Okay today is a magical day, it is the first day of Autumn.  It is the time of the harvest, time to reap the benefits of the long hot summer.  It is time to enjoy the changing of the leaves and watch the world prepare for winter.  It is a great time for long walks or a nice drive in the country.  There is something wonderful about the world when the leaves start to change color.  Being a part of it and watching it change daily is a wonderful experience to share with your beloved.  

This first day of Autumn 2012, is a special on as it is exactly 3 months before the Mayan Calendar turns over and begins anew, depending on which faction you believe.  So make it extra special and spend plenty of time out doors during this time of season, the air smells wonderful and it won't be long before the cold winds will howl and it will not be so pleasant to go outside.  

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