Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Endruz - Male Sexual Enhancement - Delivered

Not sure about all the FDA specifications on the product of Endruz.  However I got a free sample of this product via a facebook advertisement.  While I have no problem in this area I was curious as to what would happen.  The tag line on the product is "Be Young, Have Fun" so I thought lets see if it will change the experience for us.  First thing I would do if I were you were to talk to your partner and make sure they are okay with the experiment.  The product itself didn't really bring any more fun to the equation, as it is always fun and exciting.  However it did bring about a fast recovery and that excitement back so much so that it was hard (ha ha) to sleep that night.  So I am not sure if the product actually helped in the way it is suppose to but it did get a positive reaction from me.  Obviously results will be different for everyone and I wouldn't suggest trying anything without your doctors approval but if your doctor is okay with it and your partner is looking for a marathon man this might be the ticket.  

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