Monday, September 10, 2012

Babysitter Co-ops

A common problem for couples going out on dates is finding the keeping a good babysitter.  First of all it is hard to find a good one and if they are very good they won't last very long as others will want their services. 

Why not start a babysitting Co-op?  What this would be is that you get together with a few other couples and form a community.  Obviously these are couples you know and trust.  Then you all take turns going on date nights and watching each others kids.  For example if you have 4 couples then one weekend night each month it is your turn to watch everyone's kids.  That means that 3 weekend nights during the month the other couples will be watching your children.  You feel safe and comfortable and the children will already know the other adults and feel comfortable.  I would trade one night a month to have 3 nights a month totally alone with my beloved. 

Another idea would be for all four couples to pitch in and pay for one great baby sitter to watch all the kids.  You would be able to offer a higher rate with everyone pitching in and that would attract the cream of the crop babysitters.  Then you all could go out together at some point and time.  

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