Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sex In The Closet

Okay here is an interesting idea?  Someplace that most people don't think about having sex is in the closet.  Now if you have a huge walk in closet this might be a easy experience to have.  However most of us don't have that huge space that is actually a different room.  Find one of the smallest closets in your home and find a way for the two of you to meet there and secretly make love.  This will lead to some wonderful memories and so funny statements later.  Now you can say things like, "That jacket looks familiar didn't I see you on it the other day" or  "Wow the smell of moth balls is really sexy to me for some reason"   No one will know what they heck you two are talking about, however you both might find it a little exciting to speak in closet sex terms.  

photo from creative commons

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