Saturday, August 18, 2012

Food Wars

Can a couple that eats vastly differently get along?  Well it is a bit tricky at times and it makes it hard to just make one meal.  However with a little team work it can work out without a hitch.  We have this issue in our relationship.  While I tried vegetarianism for a while it never quite clicked with me, I always felt like I was missing something and believe me I really tried to make it happen.  My partner however could go without the meat always.  We found that you can make dishes that both partners would like and just put in the meat later.  Cooking things like vegetables, rice, noodles, etc and then adding the meat for the meat eaters works very well.  This way you are cooking one meal.  Another important part for this to work out is not to bash the other one for what they are eating.  While my partner doesn't eat meat like myself, she knows my feeling that plants are live creatures also, and so I feel like eating either plants or animals could be considered barbaric, however we have to eat so I choose what my body tells me I need, and she does the same.

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