Friday, August 17, 2012

Email Invitations Are They Okay?

Are email invitations accepted as the normal now a days.  With the ever rising cost of postage and the struggles our society has with all the paper we use, why can't invitations be sent all the time via email?  I know that their are some people out there that still do not have email but for the most part the majority do.  So why not send that next invitation to your BBQ via email, or the next birthday party instead of using all your money buying stamps and paper?  I was surprised at the number of custom made email wedding invitations you can pick up not like the one above.  Isn't it just smart to do this, they get the message quicker, they can RSVP quicker and there is no waste.  What about those people that don't have email, you might be asking.  Print off a copy and mail it to them!

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