Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dressing Sexy for Your Partner

One thing I think both partners need to think about is how they dress to be around each other.  So many people dress to the T to go to work, out with friends, or for networking events.  However, when they come home they dress down get into their sweats and plunk down on the couch.  Why do we put so much energy into looking good for those we are dealing with in business and not with the person we love?  Why are we not looking and feeling sexy or proud at home?  I don't know the answer to this but I think today is a good day to change it.  I am not saying start wearing sweats to work and dress up at home.  However I am saying put something sexy on at times.  Got out today and purchase some sexy clothes for at home.  Then start showing your partner that catching their eye is way more important than catching those at your job or business. 

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