Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something About Chinese Food

There is something romantic for me about eating another cultures food.  Maybe it is because we don't get it very often or maybe because it is a little more mysterious than what we are use to. As a couple I am sure you have your favorite kind of food, that you like to enjoy together.  I think this is wonderful but I encourage you to break out of the mold and try something different.  If you normally look for Mexican food why not try Chinese food on occasion.  I am not for sure but their is something intimate about those little boxes the Chinese food comes in.  I know it took us many years to get up the nerve to try Thai Food and you know what now it is one of my favorites.  

I feel different foods can create a different mood and trying something new in the area of food might just get you to try something new in other areas of your relationship!  Plus while many of us are afraid to try food we have never had because of the way our bodies might react to them.  But, what if our bodies had a positive affect from the food.  Maybe that food you haven't tried is an aphrodisiac for you, wouldn't that be nice to find out.  So make a date night to try something new as soon as possible and keep your fingers crossed that you find the food that makes you feel a little more amours.  

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