Monday, July 2, 2012

How Far to Go in the Bathroom ?

266/365 Reading on the loo

Just how much of your bathroom experiences do the two of you share?

Do you urinate when your partner is in the room?  Do you go so far as to do the poo when he/she is in the room?  Do you talk to each other through the door?

Okay, so how long did it take before that happened (that is if you do)?

Does it take away from the romance?  Or does it make you more comfortable with each other?


So, if this happens to be your bathroom, you are more likely to have to share your poo experiences with your partner, friends, woodland creatures or whoever or whatever happens upon you.  But, I am willing to guess that if you are able to read this post then you most likely have an inside bathroom with indoor plumbing.  So, how would you answer some of the above posed questions?

A little privacy please,
Janelle ;)

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