Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drinking In Your Relationship

Alcohol can be a major problem in relationships.  Alcohol can destroy a relationship, and most of us have seen it happen to someone we know.  This post is however is about another way alcohol can affect your relationship, and that is in the bedroom.  Many people believe that alcohol lowers inhibitions and allows you to be more open sexually.  This my friends is not the truth.  Sure a drink or two might help get you in the mood but alcohol is a depressant.  It will eventually do the exact opposite.  To much alcohol will affect your performance in a negative way.  Many people find that they become unable to perform sexually with to much alcohol.  Plus it numbs the entire feeling of the sexual events.  So is is my humble opinion that you should skip the alcohol and actually enjoy the feeling of the sexual experience as it is meant to be.

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