Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do You Make Good Music Together?

When I asks the question do you as a couple make good music together, I am not talking about starting a band.  I wonder how your life flows together.  Does your rhythm and harmony work well with each other. Do you seem to be in sync with one another on a constant basis.  While I know that no relationship flows perfectly, I invite you to look at your flow.  Are you normally flowing together and in a blissful state or do your worlds seem to crash together and never mesh.  There is always room for improvement in your song.  Take some time today to think about one thing you can do to create a wonderful harmony in your relationship.  It might be as little as adding one more kiss into each day.  If the both of you do this each and every day, the song you two share will improve each and every day.  

Remember practice makes perfect or at leasts gets you closer to it.  

Peace and Love - Rob

Photo from Creative Commons.

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