Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Couples Vacation

Not every couple can get away by themselves for vacation.  If you have kids, this is really hard.  However, if it is possible to get away for just the two of you it can be a wonderful boost for your relationship.  

Sure, it isn't easy to find someone to watch the children while you are gone and yes, you will want to check in and make sure all is okay while you are gone.  Yet, the adult alone time might be just what your relationship needs.  Being able to go out and not worry about getting home and at a certain time or going to a fancy place to eat that doesn't have clowns and french fries are moments the two of you will cherish.  Plus, the time alone where you can make love anytime you wish or just be naked in your hotel room is amazing.  

We all love our kids, but we need to value our relationship also.  If you get two weeks of vacation, my suggestion is to first plan one week for the entire family, doing kids' things and making sure everyone has fun.  Then take the second week and plan a romantic adventure for the two of you where you two as a couple can connect and be the lovers you are.  


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